Canada: Anti-Muslim PM booted out

harper-haaretz-bibi[1]On Monday, Canadian voters said ‘enough is enough’ by booting Israeli poodle Stephen Harper. During his entire political career, Harper has used hatred against Muslims and Islam to please B’nai B’rith and other Jewish and Christian Zionist groups for Israel’s interests. Netanyahu honored Harper by calling him “the best friend Israel ever had”.

Leaders of all three opposition parties, Liberal, NDP and Green had blasted Stephen Harper for propagating hatred against one million-strong Muslim community in Canada as part of his political agenda. Green’s Elizabeth May delivered the strongest rebuke of Harper’s racism against minorities especially Muslims, saying that the PM “should be ashamed” of resorting to such methods to win election.

Justin Trudeau in his victory speech addressed Harper’s anti-Muslim policy and assured his listeners that he would do his best to reunite the people of different faiths and cultures as proud Canadians.

The Liberals lead by Justin Trudeau won 184 seats in Canada’s 338-seat federal parliament, as compared to Conservatives (99), NDP (44), BQ (10) and Green (1). Liberals won 54 seats in Toronto, including my favorite candidate, Saudi Arabia-born Omar Alghabra, a passionate supporter of Palestinian cause. As a political campaigner for Justin Trudeau, Alghabra was equated with Paul Eisen, supporter of UK’s Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Justin Trudeau didn’t have a Muslim member in his ‘shadow government’ before the 2015 election. This is the first time half a dozen Muslim MPs will be seen sitting in Canadian House of Commons in Ottawa, such as, Iqra Khalid, Arif Virani, Ramez Ayoub, Tariq Chaudry, Ali Ehsassi, Ahmed Hussen, Majid Jowhari, Khalil Ramal, Yasmin Ratansi, Azim Rizi, Salma Zahid, and Omar Alghabra.

Stephen Harper, who was accompanied by JDL’s Julius Suraski during his campaign, has announced he would rather retire than be sitting as the opposition leader in the House of Commons. Maybe, he is hoping to become next Israeli ambassador in Ottawa.

Personally, I don’t expect Canada’s pro-Israel policy in the Middle East to change for better under the Liberal government, as Liberals, Conservatives and NDP are all glued to the Zionist Lobby. However, as for the Muslim community is concerned – it could see some relief from Islam-bashing from Ottawa in the future, but not in the Jewish-controlled mainstream media.


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