Obama orders removal of Iran sanctions

Obama: 'No war with Iran for Israel'On Sunday, US president Barack Obama signed a presidential decree which called for his administration to remove sanctions against the Islamic Republic “in stages” in accordance with the JCPOA deal singed between P5+1 and Iran in Geneva 90 days ago.

On Tuesday, 290-member Iranian Majlis (parliament) passed the JCPOA with majority vote. On October 14, Iran’s powerful Guardian Council approved the implementation of JCPOA with certain conditions.

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatullah Ali Khamenei, who has the last word on this matter, has said that though he doesn’t trust the US administration, he would respect Majlis’ decision.

Ali Akbar Salehi, head of nuclear agency said on Sunday that he is waiting orders from president Sheikh Hassan Rouhani to begin removing thousands of centrifuges from Natanz and Fordo.

American Jewish secretary of treasury Jacob Lew said: “As Iran begins taking its nuclear-related measures and the United States and our partners prepare to lift nuclear-related sanctions in response, we move one step closer to a successful JCPOA and a more secure international community.” The Zionist Jew is so confident that the 400 ‘Jewish nuclear bombs’ in occupied Palestine don’t pose any threat to the international community.

The so-called ‘crippling sanctions’ will be lifted by the US and EU by the end of this year after the Zionist controlled IAEA confirms that Iran has met its end of the deal. British professor Rodney Shakespeare has called IAEA, “shill for Zionism”.

During the last two months, EU government ministers and business leaders from France, Germany, Britain and Italy have been racing to begin new era of cooperation with Iran – regardless what the US and Israeli warmongers say.

Tehran is hoping to recover its $100 billion funds frozen in western banks in order to buy much needed medicines and spare parts for its aging civilian and military aircrafts. Lifting of sanctions will also help Iran to sell oil to its former European buyers.

On Sunday, the White House irked the Zionist regime further by claiming that Iran’s ballistic missile test last week was not in violation of JCPOA.


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