Jew historian: Poles killed more Jews than Germans

Poland[1]Last month, Polish-born professor Jan T. Gross (Princeton University) in an article claimed that Poles killed more Jews than Germans during the WWII. The article was published in pro-Israel German newspaper Die Welt. He also accused Poles being Europe’s top antisemite people. He argues that that’s the reason Poland has refused to accept Syrian refugees.

The Poles, for example, were indeed rightfully proud of their society’s resistance against the Nazis, but in fact did kill more Jews than Germans during the war,” wrote the 68-year-old Jewish historian.

Warsaw historian Dr. Andrzej Paczkowski rejected Gross’ claim by saying: “There are no reliable figures regarding the numbers of Jews killed by Poles or Germans.”

Dr. Gross in his 2001 book, Neighbors, had claimed that during 1941 German occupation, Poles killed thousands of their Jewish neighbors.

In April 2015, FBI director James Comey accused Warsaw in helping Nazis to kill Polish Jews.

Polish Jewish historian, Dr. Wladyslaw Krajewski said: “In pre-war Poland, the majority of Jews did not regard themselves as Poles. Growing up for the most part in Jewish environments, they only observed the Jewish customs and religion, spoke only Yiddish at home, and generally spoke Polish poorly.”

Elie Wiesel, the Holocaust high priest, tell the story of Jewish fear of Christianity during his childhood in Romania (here).

Under European Union quota, Poland is supposed to accept 2000 refuges but Warsaw said that it will only accept 50 Christian refugees from Syria.

Israeli leaders have shown their pleasure over the rejection of several European nations (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, etc.) to accept refugees from the Middle East – fearing the refugees would help in delegitimizing Israel in the West.

Like Israel, Poland too has attracted many Western Jewish rich crooks, such as, Australian fugitive oligarch Abe Goldberg. Jew tourists and annual Auschwitz visits by world leaders pumps a significant foreign exchange into Warsaw’s wallet.

Muslims make less than 40,000 among Catholic-majority of 39 million Poles, but they have long been target of pro-Israel White Supremacist groups like Polish Defense League modeled on the notorious English Defense League.


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