Iran boycotts Frankfurt Book Fair over Rushdie’s presence

Iran-Flag-128[1]In protest against the India-born UK’s anti-Islam novelist, Sir Salman Rushdie, being the keynote speakers at 4-day (October 14-18) international Frankfurt Book Fair, Iran’s Ministry of Culture announced boycott of the event last Thursday. The ministry also called upon other Muslim countries to boycott the fair as it would legitimize insulting Islam and Muslims under the cover of the so-called “Freedom of Speech” as paraded by hypocrites in Paris earlier this year.

We visited the official site of the Frankfurt Book Fair and came to realize that a special occasion has been arranged for Salman Rushdie, the irreverent author of ‘The Satanic Verses’ who has blatantly insulted the Holy Prophet of Islam and the sanctities of over 1.7 billion Muslims across the world to speak about the importance of the freedom of speech for writers and publishers; this will surely hurt the Iranian publishers and many Muslim publishers across the world,” part of Iranian letter addressed to the director of Frankfurt Book Fair read.

On October 16, American Zionist Jewish academic and senior editor of online newspaper OpEdNews, Dr. Walter Brasch, couldn’t control his bottom rash over Tehran’s decision to boycott the conference just because the author of The Satanic Verse (1988) and a darling of pro-Israel crowd happened to be a keynote speaker. The idiot tried to equate Iran’s decision with Nazi Germany.

Nazi Germany banned books by Jews and created fires where people could throw their books. At the same time the Nazis were burning books, Hollywood was bowing to the self-imposed “film standards” of the “Hays Commission”, which was vigorously keeping American films “pure” of evil thoughts and sexual depictions,” says Brasch.

I wonder if Brasch is aware of the fact that nearly 150,000 German Jews worked for Nazi Germany, and that Hollywood collaborated with Hitler.

Last week, Jewish lobby group, Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC), urged the Frankfurt Book Fair organizers to blacklist publishers inciting and violence against state of Israel. The SWC listed 56 “Merchants of hate” authors from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Morocco and United Kingdom, who have written 251 anti-Israel books.

Salman Rushdie has been living under British police protection since Imam Khomeini issued a religious decree (fatwa) against Rushdie for insulting the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). In 2008, Rushdie sued the publisher of a book co-authored by one of his former police bodyguards, Ron Evans, for calling Rushdie, mean, nasty, tight-fisted, arrogant and extremely unpleasant.

Muslims are not against Freedom of Speech. It’s one of the basic rights Islam gave to its followers over 1400 years ago, when Israelites and Christians were forbidden to challenge rabbis, priests and kings. Even today, Organized Jewry is against ‘freedom of speech’ if it challenges frightening Jewish power, Holocaust or the Zionist entity.

Islam commands a ‘freedom of speech with responsibility’. No Muslim is allowed to insult any biblical prophet. Muslims expect similar respect for the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) from non-Muslims. However, the ‘Zionist whores’ ruling the Western countries allow Jews to make fun of Jesus and the New Testament (here) – but they’ve banned challenging the Six Million Died story.

Iran has been holding its own annual 3-day International Tehran Book Fair for the last 28 years. In May 2015 event attracted over 500,000 visitors to see the work of 2,800 publishers from 65 countries. It was inaugurated by president Sheikh Hassan Rouhani.


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