Steven Spielberg and Jew spies

Hollywood’s Mr. Holocaust, Steven Spielberg’s newest film, Bridge of Spies, is not about Holocaust, but about the glorification of Russian Jewish spy, British-born Col. Rudolf Abel, and Jewish defense attorney James Donovan. Abel was released in exchange for CIA U-2 spy plane pilot Captain Gary Francis Power (d. 1977) in 1962.

Film’s original script was written by Matthew Charman (Jewish) and later revised by Jewish brothers Joel and Ethan Cohen. Actor Tom Hanks play the part of attorney James Donovan, and David Mark Rylance is Rudolf Abel in the movie. The other actors include Alan Alda and Amy Ryan. The movie is due to be screened on October 16, 2015. Watch a short video below.

Steven Spielberg’s last film was Lincoln, based on lies about Black people without mentioning the major role Jews played in African slavery.

Former Republican Jewish Congressman Benjamin A. Gilman played a key role in Abel’s trade negotiations. Gilman is also credited with the release of Israeli citizen Miron Marcus held in Mozambique (Africa) for anti-state activities. Gilman’s other victories include release of Jacob Timmerman, a newspaper publisher from Argentina and David Chenoglaz, a gay Jew from Leningrad.

Jews have always been major player in world espionage business considering they make less than 14 million within 7.3 trillion world population. However, most of the Jews in this business are not professional. Some work for greed and the rest work for their loyalty to the Tribe and the Zionist entity.

In May 2014, Jeff Stein claimed at the Newsweek that Israel operates the largest espionage network in United States. However, only two Jewish spies, Ethal and Julius Rosenberg have been executed in the US since WWII. Jonathan Pollard spied for Jewish loyalty to Israel and greed. Ernest David Bergmann, the Father of Jewish nuclear bomb did it for the ‘love of Zion’. Lewis Strauss, chairman of Atomic Energy Commission in the 1950s, also did for the same reason. Dr. Zalman Shapiro, president NUMEC laboratory helped Mossad agents in transferring nuclear-grade enrich uranium to Israel (here).

There is an excellent report, entitled, Strangers Among US, on American, British and Russian Jews involved in stealing classified secrets for foreign governments.


2 responses to “Steven Spielberg and Jew spies

  1. Mossad and 90% Jews willing to betrayed any country.

  2. Never trust Israel. When will America wake up? BDS Israel.

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