Germans Want Hitler Back

The Jewish cast (David Wnendt, director, actor Oliver Masucci and actress Katja Reimann) of new German anti-Hitler movie, Look Who’s Back (Er ist wieder da) were shocked to find out that Adolf Hitler is still popular among the German youth.

The movie is based on Jewish author Timur Vermes’s 2012 best-selling novel by the same name. The author priced the novel at $19.33 to signify Hitler’s rise to power. His publisher proposed to price it at $19.45 to signify the Holocaust. The novel sold over one million copies within first two years. Watch the movie below.

In the book, Hitler didn’t commit suicide in a bunker in the presence of his wife Eva Anna Paula Hitler on April 30, 1945. Instead he wakes up in a car park in Berlin in 2011. Hitler loses his memory of being the wartime Chancellor of Germany, who hated Jews for betraying German nation during WWI.

The movie depicts Hitler’s reappearance in today’s capitalist, Jewish controlled media, and anti-Muslim Germany. Hitler seems to be surprised to see that Germans and his invention, Volkswagen have survived the Jewish Holy War against German people in the 1940s.

The movie is another propaganda crap to degrade German people and their leaders who stood up against the power of the Organized Jewry. The movie, which was screened in several theatres in Germany this week – pushes Jewish hatred of German nation more than written in the book. Some of the unscripted scenes have offended the young audience that has refused to buy stories of six million Jews killed by Germans and Nazi gas chambers.

Oliver Masucci, dressed as Adolf Hitler in the film, walked through Berlin streets to see public reaction. He later told German newspaper Bild that he was cheered, hugged and kissed by many onlookers while some even said that Nazi labor camps should be re-established.


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