Jewish Author: ‘Islamic Terrorism is a Myth

Author Elias Davidsson was born into a German Jewish immigrant family in British-occupied Palestine. He spent his childhood in Jerusalem and Haifa. As teen he spent short period of time in France, Germany and the United States before opting for Iceland, where he lived till 2008.

Davidsson, in his 2013 book, Hijacking America’s Mind, rejected the official claim that so-called Muslim terrorists pulled the September 11 attacks. In his latest book to be released next year, The Betrayal of India, Davidsson claims that Muslims have nothing to do with the 2008 Mumbai attacks. He claims that both terrorist events were false flag operations carried out by the US and Indian governments to demonize Muslims and Islam in order to fulfill their political, military and expansionist agenda.

Davidsson rejects the allegations that Israeli Mossad or Jews were involved in these or other terrorist attacks around the world falsely blamed on Muslims. American academic, Kevin Barrett, PhD, debunks (here) Davidsson’s defense of Israel and Jews in Hijacking America’s Mind.

9/11 cemented the US in a permanent war against Muslims. It was modeled on Pearl Harbor; intensively military psychological research showed that Americans still hated the Japanese half a century later, and the point of 9/11 was to get the same kind of effect and lock in the war for many decades. Who benefits from a decades-long war against Muslims? Not the US – its economy is already staggering under the load,” Barrett said.

On September 12, 2015, Elias Davidsson told audience at the German Freethinkers Union in Frankfurt that the so-called “Islamic Terrorism” is nothing but a Myth.

After more than 14 years of research into the major terrorist acts since 2001, I came to the conclusion that Muslims were wrongfully blamed for these terrorist activities,” Davidsson said.


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