Argentina ‘Abandoned Jews’ for Iran

Last week, Spanish language film, Los Abandonados (The abandoned) was premiered at the media museum Newseum, in Washington DC. The film is based on the murder story of Argentinian Jewish prosecutor Alberto Nisman. Watch a short trailer in English below.

The movie is directed by former Republican Jewish propagandist Matthew A. Taylor, who is still very much active in pro-Israel warmongers. On of the film producers is Zionist Jewish journalist Douglas Farah who on January 19, 2015 in a article at The Fusion magazine claimed that he had met Nisman in the past and found him very honest in his conviction the AMIA bombing was carried out by Iran. He was eliminated before he could have submitted his investigation about Iran’s involvement and Kirchner government’s cover-up.

Farah’s anti-Iran writings caught the attention of Jewish billionaire Paul Singer and anti-Iran Mark Dubowitz (Jewish), executive director Foundation for Defense of Democracies. In June 2013, Farah and Dubawitz wrote a column in the Miami Herald warning of Iran’s presence in Latin America, and Argentinian government’s close trade relations with Iran.

Former pro-Israel Argentina president Nestor Carlos Kirchner (d. 2010) appointed Alberto Nisman to investigate the 1994 bombing of the Jewish Community Center (ANIA) in Buenos in which 85 people, mostly non-Jewish, were killed. Nisman, who has ties with CIA and Mossad, first accused Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah for the terrorist attack. Later he changed he tune and blamed Iran for the attack. After failure to prove that in court of law, he accused Argentina president Cristina Kirchner and her Jewish foreign minister Hector Timerman for blocking his investigation to protect Iran for lucrative contracts.

In June 2010, Pope Francis, as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio visited the rebuilt AMIA building which had Mossad office before the 1994 bombing.

Nisman’s body was found in a pool of blood in a hotel room one day before he was scheduled to present a criminal report against country’s president an foreign minister. Israel, the US and the local Organized Jewry blamed Kirchner for the death of Nisman.

In the documentary, Matthew Taylor tries to prove Nisman’s allegations against the Islamic Republic and Argentinian government were correct – but doesn’t provide a shred of evidence in support of Nisman’s claims.

Aside from attacking Kirchner, the filmmakers revealed a second motive at the premier: to serve as warning about Iran. Although insisting that the film was started before the nuclear deal was finally struck with Iran – but not, of course, before, the diplomacy kicked into high gear – Taylor told the audience: “The Iran deal parallel this film. The film is about what happens when you deal with Iran. Argentina did business with Iran and got two bombings and assassinations.”

I’m not sure what Ayatullah Khamenei would have replied to Taylor – but I bet the US doesn’t need enemies when it has Israel as a friend.


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