UK Jew to receive 350 lashes in Saudi Arabia!

The British government and the Jewish-controlled media are very upset with Israel’s regional ally Saudi Arabia for mistreating Karl Andree, 74, oil executive who had business dealings with Saudis for the last 25 years.

In June 2014, a ‘civilized old man’ was arrested for carrying several bottles of whisky in his car in Jeddah by country’s notorious Jew-hating religious police. Instead of deporting him to Britain, two months later, a Saudi court sentenced him to one year in jail and 350 lashes. The possession, serving and consumption of alcohol is a major crime in the pro-West Kingdom unless one is connected to the ‘royal family’ that has Jewish family roots.

Andree has served his jail sentence, but is still in custody to receive his rest of sentence – 350 lashes. Karl’s son Simon Andree along with his two brothers has appealed to UK’s parliamentarians and pro-Israel prime minister David Cameron to intervene in his father’s upcoming flogging. Simon told BBC that his father is so sick and fragile that even a few lashes could kill him.

Saudi Arabia’s criminal code has nothing to with Islamic Shari’ah. It’s no different than Israel’s criminal code (Mishnah) or ISIS extra-judiciary killing. Islamic law prescribes 80-100 lashes for alcohol consumption only after it’s proved in a court of law under a true Islamic state, which Saudi monarchy is not. Death sentence is reserved only for two crimes; 1) treason against an Islamic state, and 2) pre-planned murder of a person; Muslim or non-Muslim. In the US, no Jew traitor has been executed since Rosenbergs in 1953.

While David Cameron has promised to appeal to King Salman to pardon Karl Andree based on his old age and poor health – the Jewish media is repeating the same old anti-Muslim stereotype BS; women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia – what about Israel and the US?.

UK’s embassy in Riyadh has tried to equate Karl Andree with Ali Al-Nimr, 17-year-old Shi’ite Saudi youth who was arrested for joining an anti-government protest in 2012. He was sentenced to death and is expected to beheaded anytime.


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