NYC honors Jewish traitor on her 100th birthday

In the US and the rest of the western world, it’s the Organized Jewry that propagates anti-Muslim anti-Islam hysteria. But when it comes to fellow Jewish traitors, criminals, even mobsters, they find some excuses to glorify them.

On September 29, 2015, the New York City Council honored Ethel Rosenberg, who along with her husband Julius Rosenberg was executed for treason on June 19, 1953, as a woman of great bravery for leading a 1935 strike against a New York packaging company where she worked as a clerk. The honor was bestowed upon by the Manhattan Borough president Gale Brewer. The decision was hailed by three Jewish councilors, Mark Levine, Daniel Dromm and Robert Meeropol (Ethel’s son). Brewer also proclaimed October 28 as Ethel Rosenberg Day of Justice in the Borough of Manhattan.

Daniel Dromm condemned US justice for wrongfully executing a brave and patriotic Jewish woman just because her husband happened to be a sympathizer of Communism, which was a brainchild of Jewish activists.

David Greenglass, brother of Ethel Rosenberg, a Russian spy himself, was a star witness against her sister and brother-in-law Julius Rosenberg. He was sentenced to nine years in jail in 1951. During the trail, Greenglass claimed that her sister typed all nuclear secret documents for her husband. In July 2015, Greenglass changed his earlier statement and blamed everything on his brother-in-law.

Gale Brewer is an Israeli poodle. Last year, she flew to occupied Jerusalem to meet city Mayor Nir Barkat during the 50-day Israeli attack on Gaza. She told Barkat that she and her constituents are 100% behind Israel’s war against 1.7 million Gaza people.

Jeff Dunetz wrote on September 30: “For the New York City Council and Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer to name themselves judge and jury by declaring Mrs. Rosenberg innocent, then honoring a woman convicted of betraying the United States, is more than unpatriotic, it’s disgusting (here).”

The Organized Jewry and Israel have traditionally campaigned for the “innocence” of convicted Jew criminals, such as, Jonathan Pollard and Alan Gross.


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