Lobby: Next US President must obey Bibi

Obama_Bibi[1]In May 2015, former US Sen. Joe Lieberman predicted: “Next US President will be better for Israel.”

All 2016 presidential hopefuls are trying their best to convince the powerful Jewish Lobby in United States that he/she would be more loyal to Israel than United States.

However, the Jewish Lobby is not fully convinced. It wants the next US president more subservient to Netanyahu than Barack Obama, who is accused of throwing Israel under bus over P5+1 and Iran nuclear deal.

The pro-Israel lobby groups’ hold on White House was exposed when Israeli jets attacked USS Liberty and blamed it on Arabs. Even though the crew managed to broadcast SOS on a makeshift antenna identifying Israeli jets, then President Lyndon Johnson said, “I don’t care if the ship sink, I’m not going to embarrass an ally.”

On October 9, 2015, Jewish commentary website The National Interest, published Israel-First John Ford’s cry that next American president’s priority must be repairing US relations with Israel damaged by its friendly gesture to Iran.

In January of 2017 a new president will be sworn. He or she should immediately seek to repair American relation with Israel. From the Israel perspective, a strong relationship with the US provides valuable security in a dangerous region. From perspective of the US, Israel can check the rise of a regional power that could threaten the position of United States….. Until 1979, America aligned itself with Iran to check Soviet influence in the Middle East. Now, with the Soviet Union gone, Iran is the country that poses the greatest risk becoming a regional hegemon that could drive American influence out of the Middle East,” Ford said.

Ford doesn’t need a PhD to learn that Israel is and always has been the most pampered American ally. It has been receiving an annual military aid worth $3 billion, which Barack Obama has promised to increase to $4.5 billion. Not only Barack Hussein Obama’s administration is loaded by pro-Israel Jew and Christians, the Czar of US coalition against ISIS/ISIL is no other than Israeli-poodle Gen. John Allen. He is Fellow at several Jewish advocacy groups, such as, Center for New American Security and Bloomberg Institute. He is against US-Iran nuclear deal. As it seems Obama is bent on the agreement, Allen has announced to quit his post in order not to lead a war against Israel’s baby monster IS.

No Middle East country other than Israel has threatened American interests in the region. Israel was behind the Lavon Affair, and attack on USS Liberty and USS Cole, and not Iran.

Iran is already a regional hegemon – thanks to America’s proxy wars for Israel.

Israel is currently a major regional power. It has one of the region’s most proficient militaries and its economy is larger than of Egypt, even though Egypt’s population is ten times larger than Israel. Because Israel is a powerful country in its own right, it’s strong enough to be effective as an ally against any country making a bid for regional hegemony,” adds Ford.

So, if Israel is a regional power, not to mention the only nuclear power in the region, why Mr. Ford is seeking American protection for the Zionist entity. Oh! I get it, he do remember how 1,500 Hizbullah fighters defeated the Jewish army in 2006.


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