Canadian Jews hate to look ‘Israeli poodles’

On October 9, 2015, The Globe And Mail published an Opinion Post by Benjamin Shinewald, former CEO Canadian Jewish Congress, an Israel lobby group. The publisher and CEO of the Globe and Mail is Philip Crawley, born into a British Jewish family.

Shinewald has claimed that Stephen Harper’s knee-jerk support for the Zionist entity and being Netanyahu’s ‘YES MAN’ has resulted many Jewish voters turning against the ruling Conservative Party.

For the first time since the Conservatives began to target Canada’s Jewish community with the party’s pro-Israel bombast, there is sustained, grassroot pushback. Canadian Jews increasingly believe that the Conservatives’ policy on Israel was never entirely about Israel. Rather, it was about driving a wedge into their community and cementing those on the Conservative side of the divide into Stephen Harper’s political base,” Shinewald says.

Traditionally, Canadian Jew voters have been pro-Liberal Party. It was only in 2011 election that Jews voted 52% for the Conservative for Harper’s blind support for Israel and anti-Muslim rants. Since then Harper has been showered with awards and citations by the B’nai B’rith and other pro-Israel Jewish groups. The wealthy Jews donated tens of millions of dollars toward Harper’s re-election campaign. Harper, an evangelic Christian, has been repeating the same ‘pro-Israel, pro-Jew, anti-Muslim’ campaign strategy ahead of the current election (October 9, 2015).

Ronnie Kaplansky, a Canadian pro-Israel Zionist Jewish activist, put an advertisement in weekly Canadian Jewish News, last week, blasted the pro-Israel Jewish leadership for supporting Harper’s Evangelic racism. Stephen Harper’s old Reform Party was pro-apartheis South Africa and anti-Mandela.

All four party leaders (Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Green) are committed to Israel’s right to exist on 78% of land stolen from Palestinian Muslim and Christian natives before 1967 war (here).


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