Rev. Stephen Sizer: ‘What to do now!’

Stephen Sizer at Palestine Solidarity Campaign

On February 9, 2015, Rev. Andrew Watson, Bishop of Guildford (UK) gave pro-Palestinian Rev. Stephen Sizer, 62, Vicar of Christ Church in Virginia Water, two choices; resign from his Parish or keep his mouth shut over Israel’s crimes for next six months. Rev. Sizer volunteered for the second option and removed his personal blog and refused to accept invitation to speak outside his Parish.

Rev. Sizer was silenced for testing his rights of ‘Freedom of Speech’ under UK’s Constitution by posting a Wikispooks link on his Facebook page, which claims that Israel did 9/11.

Last month, as the end of the ‘Holy Agreement’ between Watson and Sizer approached, Bishop Watson exonerated Rev. Sizer of “hating Israel and Jews” sin.

“I have met Stephen in the past days for positive discussions, reaffirming his commitment and planning his vital work as vicar, and I look forward to our continued work together in support of this,” said Watson in an official statement.

In accordance with the term set out in his statement on February 9, 2015, the Bishop of Guilford has agreed that Rev. Dr. Stephen Sizer’s usage of social media may now resume. The other agreements outlined in our statement on February 9, will remain in place but, in all this, I would like to reiterate a point I made in February, that I don’t believe Stephen’s motivation to be antisemitic,” said the statement.

In other words, Rev. Sizer is still banned to criticize the Zionist regime for its hatred toward Christians in Israel. Bishop Waston is living in fool’s paradise by believing that the UK’s Organized Jewry would forgive Rev. Sizer for supporting Palestinians and making frequent Christian-Muslim interfaith visits to Iran. They have not spared Watson’s boss Archbishop of Canterbury (born into a German Jewish family) for giving fatwa against gay marriage.

Rev. Sizer has repeatedly irked the Jewish Lobby by criticizing the Zionist regime. He never attacked Jews or Jewish religion. I don’t know his views on the new Jewish religion aka Holocaust. Sizer was also accused of making “references” to an American antisemite Christian website, The Ugly Truth.

Commenting over treatment of Rev. Sizer, British writer and author Stuart Littlewood, accused Church of England of carrying Zionist agenda and being Israeli apologist.

On September 7, 2015, Dave Carter, a Christian blogger, slammed the church for throwing Rev. Sizer under the bus in order to please the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the powerful Israel lobby organization.

The vicar’s Facebook account and blog appear still to be suspended.

P.S. Rev. Sizer started a new blog on January 23, 2016, but not to offend Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, born into a Jewish family, Sizer has not posted a single political article. He is acting like a regular Christian sheep.




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