Khamenei warns against further negotiations with US

ayatollahkhamenei[1]On October 7, 2015, Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei while talking to commanders, staff and their families of Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), repeated his earlier warning that any further negotiations with United States are fruitless and even harmful to Iranian people because it carries Israeli agenda.

Unfortunately, a certain group, in a bid to justify negotiations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Great Satan, are raising these issues in newspapers, speeches, and in virtual space through a commonplace view, which is totally wrong,” Khamenei said.

While stressing that Iran is not opposed to negotiations in principle with countries, including European and non-European, Ayatullah Khamenei said: “But the issue is different when it comes to United States, because it has come up with a definition of negotiation with Iran – meaning infiltration and paving the way for imposing their demands.”

Recently, US vice-president Joe Biden whose son and daughter are both married into Zionist Jewish families, admitted that the US bullying Iran, because Netanyahu wants a regime change in Tehran.

The Organized Jewry declared IRGC a ‘terrorist organization’ over three decades ago. The US State Department has been resisting to designate IRGC as a ‘terrorist organization’ for years. It, though, declared some of IRGC commanders as ‘non-kosher’. Sen. Ted Cruz introduced anti-IRGC bill in 2012 which was defeated. Not to left behind, we have the Canadian Coalition Against Terror (C-CAT), which proposed to declare IRGC as a ‘terrorist organization’, but is totally against giving the same designation to world true army of terrorists; Israel Occupation Force (IOF).

A peaceful and tolerant Middle East is considered a death blow to the Jewish imperialism. Therefore, they have to invent new conflicts and wars especially in the region – and push the world powers to wage proxy wars for Israel. The current chaos in the Middle East, Africa and Ukraine is brainchild of Israel and its Jewish lobby groups in the West. The main beneficiary of this chaos is not the US or Russia, but Israel.

Dan Sanchez in recent article entitled, Israel, the Neocons, and their Bloody, Blundering “Art” of War, claims that America’s proxy wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon ended in favor of Iran. He also claims that the current chaos in Syria is not going to help Israel’s dream of a Greater Israel either.

Israel’s self-righteously sociopathic behavior toward Syria and Golan Heights beggars belief. It’s like some wealthy homeowner taking over his poor neighbor’s backyard and then sending a gang of crazed ruffians to invade his home. Then in the ensuing brawl, when something crashes through the neighbor’s window onto the seized backyard, the land thief yells from a balcony, “When you can get your house in order!” and fires at him with a shotgun. Then the thief walks back to his room muttering to himself, “What a hopeless basket case! How I’m definitely not giving him back his backyard,” wrote Sanchez.


3 responses to “Khamenei warns against further negotiations with US

  1. Israel is engaged in Lebensraum in the middle east wanting to expand into lebanon and a big chunk of syria. IS seems to be financed via israel and the IS members perhaps dont realise they are zionist pawns. Israel has badly miscalculated the effects of the refugee chaos in Europe – the Islamification of europe grows and zionist influence must wane accordingly. Zionists cant see beyond their noses – ie short term gain but long term obliteration and annihilation. Confucious said “If you would divine the future study the past” . Zionists seem incapable of this and always have been throughout their entire history of 1000’s of years. Babylon, Egypt,Rome and Hitler.

  2. Then why are Muslims coming to the United States and wanting to establish Mosques?…is not his message a contradiction in terms?

  3. Khamenei is not Netanyahu. Unike Netanyahu, he never claimed to represent 1.7 billion Muslims.

    Tell me, why Jews left their ancestral homes in Europe and Soviet Russia and went to Palestinian Desert? Why Jews have five times more Holocaust Museums in the US than in Israel?

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