Jew-hating Ezra Pound’s poem fetches £7,500

EzraPound[1]On Wednesday, American poet, writer, radio broadcaster and WWII war veteran, Ezra Pound’s unpublished poem was sold at a British auction for £7,500. Pound wrote the poem in praise of British painter Isabel Corington.

My post has nothing to do with Pound’s poetry because my favorite poet happens to be one of dreamers of Pakistan, Sir Dr. Muhammad Iqbal (d. 1938). It’s about what the powerful Jewish Lobby did to Pound for speaking the truth.

In one of broadcast from Italy during WWII Ezra Pound accused German Jewish bankers and businessmen being the reasons for the rise of Hitler and Nazis.

You have got to learn a little, at least a little, about the history of your allies,” he told his listeners. “About Jew-ruined England. About the wreckage of France, wrecked under yid control. Lousy with kikes.”

Pound, who died in 1972 at age 87, also called US president as Franklin D. Frankfurter Jewsfeld (here), and Chinese leader Chiang Kike Chek (here).

The Jewish groups viciously attacked his statement by calling him a Jew hater. Pound was arrested and convicted of treason for holding such anti-Semitic opinion. Convicted in 1947, he was kept 12-year in a lunatic asylum in a urine-soaked cell and forced to wear a straightjacket. For years he was not allowed to see visitors. After ten years, Pound was released as result of a campaign by fellow poets like T.S. Eliot, Robert Frost, and others. Pound decided not to stay in United States. He returned to Italy and lived rest of his life in exile in Italy.

Ernest Hemingway wrote about Pound in 1925: “He defends his friends when they’re attacked, he gets them into magazines and out of jail. He loans them money. He writes articles about them. He introduces them to wealthy women. He gets publishers to take their books. He sit up all night with them when they claim to be dying (here).”

Pond was an admirer of Bento Mussolini. Both met on January 30, 1933 for a short chat. He loved Italy so much that he willed to be buried there instead of his motherland.


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