Hajj tragedy and pro-Israel G4S security force

The recent stampede at Mina ( Makkah) killed nearly 2000 worshippers while injuring hundreds other. This happened when a route was closed for a Saudi prince to reach the front of the lines of pilgrims.

Among the worshippers killed, 464 were from Iran. Iranian government has blamed Saudi Arabia for not providing proper security for the safety of the pilgrims.

The western Jewish media and Christian Zionists are exploiting the tragedy to demonize Islam and Muslims for the benefits of the Zionist regime. The Newsweek claims that the tragedy has created an “open war” between Iran and Saudi Arabia, while the VOX tries to portray the annual pilgrim “a death trap”.

The stampede was planned by Saudis and foreign agents to divert world attention from Zionist regime’s ongoing onslaught on Al-Aqsa Mosque, and kill several Iranian elites performing hajj.

The previous large tragedy happened in 1990 when a stampede killed 1426 pilgrims inside an overcrowded pedestrian tunnel.

In 1987, Saudi forces with the help of French special forces killed 400 Iranian pilgrims during a rally against the US and Israeli policies in the region.

Surprisingly, the Western media is totally silent on the British-Danish security agency G4S (here) whose services Saudi ‘royals’ have contracted since 2010 for the protection of the royals and providing training and assistance to Saudi security forces at airports and other sensitive places during Hajj period. The Saudi subsidiary of G4S, the al-Majal G4S is headed by Khaled Baghdadi, a former Saudi security official (here).

G4S is world’s second largest private security firm. It operates over 50 countries including Israel where it provided protection to the illegal Jewish settlement and torture of Palestinian youth.

Canadian writer and author, Eric Walberg, in October 7 article has criticized Saudi ‘royals’ for their anti-Islam and anti-Muslim activities. “If Muslims showed their resolve and sense of self-sacrifice, this would convince the world to boycott the government of Saudi Arabia, as it did the government of apartheid South Africa, until the House of Saud brings democracy, civil society, human rights – including women rights – and a peaceful and tolerant interpretation of Islam to its people and the world,” he said.

I totally agree with Walberg’s suggestion that the numbers of pilgrims allowed to perform Hajj should be reduced under one million by allowing only those believers who have not performed this religious duty before. No Muslim, ‘chosen one’ or commoner should be allowed to perform Hajj more than once – because even the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) carried out this obligation only once just before his death.

Several members of Islamic movement have raised their voices once again for the removal of al-Saud’s control over Ka’aba and Prophet’s Mosque while calling al-Saud should be tried for war crimes.


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