Netanyahu dumps Angela Markel

Benjamin Netanyahu has just announced that he wouldn’t be traveling to Bonn to meet German Chancellor Angela Markel at the 50th anniversary celebration of West Germany’s recognition of the Zionist entity in 1965. Markel was born and lived in communist-ruled East Germany which didn’t establish diplomatic relation with the Zionist entity until 1990. Markel is the first woman and East German native Chancellor.

Netanyahu’s excuse for cancelling the meeting at the last moment, according to Jewish media, is that Bibi cannot leave Israel which is threatened by regional events, such as Obama’s wooing Iran and Russian forces in Syria.

This week, Markel was to host Netanyahu and several of his cabinet ministers and military leaders at the 6th German-Israel annual mutual discussions over military, Holocaust repatriations, and trade matters.

Angela Markel, who until recently was hailed as “Israel’s best friend” in Israel, has lost her status very quickly as result of her planned visit to Iran this month. Furthermore, contrary to Israel’s objections, Markel has accepted several thousands of refugees, mostly Christians, from Syria, which has infuriated the anti-Muslim but pro-Israel Germans. In July, Markel did the greatest act of antisemitism – she attended a large Iftar party during the Muslim month of Fasting – and told Muslims at the gathering: Islam is part of Germany.

All of sudden, Angela Markel is being accused of not doing enough to combat antisemitism in Germany. New Jewish polls have claimed that more than 50% of German still hate Jews, and German textbooks still depict Jews as traitors and evil people.

It’s reported that Angela Markel has lost her popularity among the White supremacist, anti-immigration and pro-Israel German public. Even some members of her own party CDU have joined the so-called “NeoNazi” Die Linke party, which is headed by Jew Dr. Gregor Gysi.

Eldad Beck, last week interviewed Angela Markel in Bonn, which was published by Israel’s newspaper YNet on October 3, 2015. During the interview, she said that there are a few political issues between her and the Zionist regime – but like every German Chancellor, she is committed to the welfare and security of state of Israel.

Good relations require constant care; you have to speak with one another all the time, especially if there’s a difference of opinion. At the start of my term, I initiated the inter-governmental talks between Germany and Israel, which will take place next week for the sixth time. It’s an opportunity to talk in a very concrete way about wide aspects of our relations: For instance, the cooperation on scientific issues, the joint cultural work, the youth exchanges, and the development initiatives we’re implementing together in several countries,” Markel said.

We are doing this out of an awareness for Germany’s constant responsibility for the fracturing of civilization in the time of the Holocaust and an awareness for the shared values and interests. German-Israeli relations keep developing. Every time, we learn all over again that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. That’s the crucial point – even if we’re split on a few issues that have to do with the settlement policies, and even if we would have liked there to be a negotiation toward a two-state solution,” she added.


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