A New Crusade Against Muslims

Between the 17th-20th centuries, almost all 50 Muslim-majority states, with the exception of Turkey, in Asia, Middle East and Africa were colonized by European, Russian and Chinese powers in order to loot their natural resource under the smokescreen of “civilizing the heathens”.

After the fall of Turkey’s so-called “Ottoman Caliphate”, two major Islamic movements emerged to challenge the western colonists; Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Jamaat-e-Islami in British India. Both were established for the revival of true Islamic spirit among the Muslims who suffered under western colonial brutality for three to four generations. Both had no “terrorist wings” like World Zionist movement to fight against the foreign colonists or terrorize civilians in foreign lands.

The Muslim Brotherhood attracted  Islamists in Algeria, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, and Tunisia. However, Jamaat-e-Islami’s influence remained only within Indian sub-continent (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh). Both Islamic movement suffered at the hands of Western colonialists and later their local secularist and military rulers. Politically, both movements have been wiped off by the anti-Islam ruling elites with the exception of India and Pakistan.

After the WWII, United States and Soviet Union, both led by anti-Muslim Zionist Jews and Christians, divided all 57 former Muslim colonies into two blocks; the US and USSR to use as their playground during the so-called “Cold War”. During the 50 years of which neither of them attacked each other over their puppet regimes.

Both acted midwife to the Zionist entity in historic Muslim Palestine. Both were the first world powers to recognize the Zionist entity within hours when declared unilaterally by David Ben-Gurion on May 14, 1948. Washington provided the necessary funds while Moscow supplied Jewish population to replace Palestinian Muslim and Christian Natives.

In 1979 Iranian Islamic movement toppled USrael’s regional policeman King Reza Shah. Washington forced its puppets in Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Egypt to stop Iranian revolutionary spirit reaching Palestine. Saddam Hussein took the task of destroying Islamic Revolution in its infancy. However, after 8-year war which cost both Iraq and Iran more than $5 trillion and over one million dead, American plot failed, and Saddam Hussein was butchered to death by his western masters.

In 1979, Red Army moved in and occupied Kabul. A great majority of Afghan population is religious and tribal. They refused to live under an atheist/Jewish colonial power. They rebelled and after 9-year guerrilla war forced Red Army to withdraw from Afghanistan. United States saw it a golden opportunity to make the world a unipolar power, United States. Saudi Arabia and Gulf state supplied funds, the US, UK, Germany and France sold arms to Afghan Mujahideen via Pakistan’s ISI. The Mujahideen destroyed Soviet Union for United States. United States became the sole super power and USSR was reduced to the present-day Russia – a country with stockpile of nuclear arsenal but a demoralized army.

In order to replace Soviet influence among Muslim nation states, Washington decided to change the map of the Muslim world. It built new military bases in Muslim and Christian majority countries in Asia, Africa, and Middle East to contain re-emergence of political Islam, which naturally would become a threat to Israel’s security.

In order to gear public support at home and abroad needed to invade and kill millions of Muslims mainly children, the CIA, MI6, DGSC, Mossad, and RAW carried out false flag operations to demonize Muslims and Islam, such as 9/11, London bombing, Mumbai terrorist attacks, and Buenos Aires terrorism to name a few.

In order to portray Muslims being a great threat to world security and peace, CIA and Mossad created so-called “Islamic terrorists”, such as al-Qaeda, ISIS/ISIL, and al-Shabaab to name a few.

The US State Department and Jewish lobbying groups created the Arab Spring to destabilize Arab countries neighboring Israel and provide an excuse for its proxies around the world to criminalize Muslims.

After the destruction legal governments in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Libya – the ‘Arab Spring’ is in full force to subjugate Syrian and Yemeni Arabs.

The current Russian airstrike in Syria is being cheered by many fools in Muslim world, calling Vladimir Putin being a ‘Savior’. One wonders why it took Putin over four years to help Syrian army, while the US, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia were funding, arming and training the rebels since 2011.

Many fools are predicting Syrian conflict as beginning of WWIII, because Iran and Hizbullah are actively involved in defending Bashar al-Assad’s elected government. United States, Russia and Israel don’t want a WWIII fought in the Middle East, because once nuclear bombs are used – it will not only kill tens of millions of Muslims and Christian, but also vaporize the entire Jewish population of Israel.

In Lebanon, more and more Christians are joining Hizbullah to fight their common enemy, ISIS and Israel. “We are in very dangerous situation. The only people who’re protecting us are the resistance of Hizbullah. The only one standing with the army is Hizbullah. Let’s not hide it anymore,” says Rifat Nasrallah, a Catholic businessman, who is funding a Christian militia.

Hizbullah has always received praises from patriotic Lebanese Christians – leaders, artists, and citizens. Watch a video below.


9 responses to “A New Crusade Against Muslims

  1. I am wondering why you see no positive motives or potentially useful outcomes by the Russian intervention in Syria? With Putin confronting the US’s misguided and tragic policies in the region, could the Russian actions change the dynamic, or is it that you merely see more violence and possible confrontation of the ‘superpowers’?

    • The answer is very simple and based on historic facts.

      1. Israel is the main cause of wars and conflicts in the region. Putin has always maintained “brotherly” relations with the Zionist Jewish leaders, both in Israel and in Russia. Some Russian writers have even claimed that Putin has Jewish family roots.

      2. The war against Assad regime, a close ally of the US, France and other western nations, was planned after Assad joined the “Axis of Resistance” (Iran, Hizbullah and Hamas) against the Zionist entity a decade ago.

      3. Russia has diplomatic and trade relations with all the players in the war against Syrian people, such as, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, UAE, Egypt, Israel, US, Britain, France, Canada, etc.

      Therefore, until the “Tumor” is not removed , there will be never peace in the Middle East – even after the so-called “US-Iran” nuclear agreement because Israel wants a “shattered” Muslim world around it – And Russia along with the rest of “Evildoers” are part of the anti-Islam axis. Don’t forget, Russia has annexed several of Muslim lands and Muslims are being killed on daily basis under the guise of “War on Terror”.

  2. Hezbollahs are known to be the famous sinners. I wish I could travel with 30 passports legally, lol. He was spiritual excommunicated, to the point that God had to send his Spirit.
    I do wonder who is he and where is he now. I do wonder if this would be the tribe of Judah.

  3. Yes, your opinion is valid if your parents were Christian Fhalanges who carried out massacre at Sabra and Shatila camps under the protection of Gen. Ariel Sharon in Lebanon.

    Hizbullah cannot help you getting 30 passports. You got to contact Israeli Mossad which is known for stealing passports around the world. While you are there – you may like to buy some spare body parts for your family. Harvesting human parts is an Israeli specialty.

    God sent the “Spirit” to tens thousands of His messengers. The people from Judah tribes are the only ones who can provide SALVATION to Christians, according to pastor John Hagee.

  4. I just know what prophets say about Judah:
    Zechariah ch. 10 v. 6

    SALVATION is of House of David (Priest-King order).
    I heard that he (John Hagee) was/is still a famous heretic, but I also think and believe that he is a hating pastor – a hating accuser. The famous quote during my upbringing was “Don’t be a hater.”

    • I wonder which prophet of yours authored OT or NT? First was written over 1500 years after the death of Moses. The second was written after 150 years after the so-called CRUCIFICATION of Christ, by the people who never met Christ. Out of 27 Books of NT – 14 were authored by St. Saul the “executioner” and rest by people who never met or heard Jesus (as).

      I suggest you should read 20th century’s top NT authority, Dr. Funk, who claimed in 1991 that more than 80% of parables referred to Jesus are lies.

  5. I can go one further. No evidence Moses ever existed

  6. According to “Before the Diaspora” By Walid Khalidi the “Soviet Union voted for partition, but only in order to end British rule in Palestine.”

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