India: Muslim boy leaves prayer to save ‘Holy Cow’

Two revealing incidents within one week to show Hindu fascism in Mahatma Gandhi’s so-called ‘secular democratic India’.

A week ago, a mob of 200 Hindu worshippers beat to death a Muslim farm worker, Muhammad Akhlaq, 50, for suspecting he sacrificed a Holy Cow.

On October 5, 2015, several Indian newspapers reported that Lucknow administration “facilitated Muhammad Zaki, 20, of Bharat Bhakkan Mill in Aishbagh, who on Sunday jumped into a well to save a cow that fell into it by accident, while a dozen Hindus had gathered around the well, shouting for someone to call a crane to save the Holy Cow.

I saw a large number of people gathered around the open well looking at a cow that had fallen in and I volunteered to go down and save her (watch video below),” Muhammad Zaki was quoted saying by The Times of India. It’s also said that Zaki was on his way to perform daily prayers in the local mosque.

India, the so-called ‘largest democracy’ has over 206 million Holy Cows, which have more rights than Hindu Dalits. In India the upper-class Hindus can kill Dalits for no reason and get away with murder. But killing or slaughtering of a cow would certainly put you in jail or worse get you killed on the spot. Several Indian states promote drinking of cow urine and dung, while Dalits are forced to eat the shit and piss of upper caste Hindus.

Morarji Desai, former Indian prime minister (1977-79) in an interview with Barbra Walter admitted that he drinks Holy Cow urine everyday as a religious duty. Urine mixed soft drinks are becoming popular among religious and non-religious Hindus based on urine-therapy benefits (here).

India’s ruling party, BJP, like the Zionist regime in Palestine, is rewriting India’s history (ruled by Muslims for nearly 1000 years and united 5,000 Hindu princely states into one country). But these gatekeepers of Hinduism are not aware of the fact that a Hindu can and do eat beef.


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