Federal Court rejects Harper’s anti-Hijab appeal

harper-haaretz-bibi[1]Canada’s pro-Israel Stephen Harper government’s bid to stop Muslim women wearing a face veil (Hijab) while taking the oath of citizenship has failed after the Federal Court of Appeal refused to suspend its ruling of last month calling government’s policy illegal.

The Appeal Court ruling is Harper’s third defeat in a row. Harper is well-known for his hatred toward Muslims to please his masters in Israel.

Danny Williams, former premier of Newfoundland and Labrador (2003-2010) has called Harper’s anti-Hijab policy bordering racism.

He doesn’t care if he isolate the issues of women or if he isolate the issues of minorities, and even crosses, possibly, that racism line. It doesn’t matter to him. It’s all about getting elected at the end of the day,” Williams, a leader of Harper’s Conservative party, said in a recent interview he gave to CBC News.

The Western elites have long been applying stereotype Muslim women issues to hide their own religious and social contempt for women, treating them as labor and sex slaves than humans with somewhat equal rights. For a practicing Muslim woman including political and social leader, nations’ First Lady, PhD holder, journalist, and house wife – Hijab is a sign of modesty. She refuses to walk half naked in bikini to become “civilized” as per western standards.

Wearing Hijab is both religious and cultural right of a Muslim woman. Its shape and style depends on climate and local culture. Personally, I don’t like the “one piece burqa or Nun’s headgear”, but a “stylish Hijab”, certainly makes a woman look more attractive.

For many Muslim women, wearing Hijab is sign of liberation (Feminism). Wearing Hijab has not stopped them participating in any field even the western-style beauty contests.

Most Canadian Muslim women don’t agree with bigots like Stephen Harper. They consider wearing Hijab as part of Feminism and not Oppression (here, here).


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