US bombs Jewish clinic in Kunduz

Afghanistan20Obama[1]On Friday, American airstrikes at Medicine San Frontieres (MSF) clinic in Kunduz city in Afghanistan, killed 20 people including 9 foreign doctors and two children while wounding 30 civilians. Washington has apologized to its puppet president in Kabul. The Pentagon has announced to hold an investigation of the ‘accident’.

There is outrage in the western press for US-NATO forces’ failure to destroy Taliban movement which hates the West and especially Israel.

I’m not surprised that none of the western media has put some light on the MSF aka Doctors Without Borders. The so-called “international humanitarian organization” was founded by the pro-Israel Muslim hating former French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner in 1971 to serve as a French espionage network during Biafra vs Nigerian central government war, also known as Civil War.

British journalist and author Muhammad Idrees Ahmad, has accused MSF of faking reports to benefit Israel in Muslim countries. Currently, the MSF is helping Israeli agenda in Syria (here). MSF closed down its operation in Afghanistan in 2004 after four of its staff were killed. It returned after a few years.

It’s interesting to note that MSF operates clinics in Gaza, West Bank, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq – but strangely not in Israel where every third Jewish kid lives in poverty and cannot afford necessary medical-care.

The airstrike was part of US-NATO offence to re-occupy provincial city of Kunduz which was recaptured by Taliban on Monday after 14 years . The Kunduz province is home to main American ally against Taliban, the Northern Alliance, Uzbek ethnic group majority of whom are Shi’ites. The current Northern Alliance warlord and dug kingpin, Abdul Rashid Dostum, former army General under Soviet occupation, is vice-president of Afghan regime in Kabul.

Afghans have resisted and defeated all western colonialist powers, such as, Greeks, British, Russians and now they’re about to kick Yankee butts too. Arab Muslim army never invaded Afghanistan. Uzbek and other Turkish tribes were introduced to Islam during their destruction of Muslim world as Mongol barbaric hordes which attacked as far as Moscow and Baghdad. Uz Beg Khan, ruler of present-day Uzbekistan converted to Islam in 1320.


One response to “US bombs Jewish clinic in Kunduz

  1. “British journalist and author Muhammad Idrees Ahmad, has accused MSF of faking reports to benefit Israel in Muslim countries.”

    I have done no such thing. MSF does valuable work and I have nothing but admiration for their personnel. Stop using my name to promote your dubious agenda.

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