Islamic Quiz in US school irks Jewish Lobby

554970_399727023424560_34943828_s_zpsd5e1f57c[1]The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), founded in 1990 by Israel-First evangelic bigot Pastor Pat. Robertson is up in arms against Georgia public school district for brainwashing school children with Islam.

The Zionist group is up in arms because the school children are being taught the difference between the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).

It’s important that students understand the difference between each of these religions to help them understand the tension that exists in the region (Middle East),” the state standards, known as the Georgia Performance standards say.

In Walton County, one homework assignment asked: “Is Allah the same God worshipped by Jews and Christians?”. Some students filled the blank, “It’s the same God.” Obviously, it is considered an insult to American Judeo-Christian heritage in Zionists’ Scofield Bible.

The ACLJ has setup a Facebook page which has attracted over 2000 paranoid Zionist sheep asking the school district board to make learning about Islam ‘optional’ for non-Muslim students.

The real reason Pat Robertson’s sheep are upset is not whether Judeo-Christian God is the same or not – but because they don’t want Christian students to find out that while Jewish holy Talmud curses Christian God Jesus; Muslim Holy Qur’an praises Jesus as a great prophet of Allah like Moses. Furthermore, while both Judaism and later Christianity began on tribalism and ethnicity – Islam (submission to Allah) traces its roots to the first human-being, Adam.

I wonder, if these anti-Islam Zionist sheep from Georgia ever listened to lectures in their churches and synagogues by Dr. Jerald Dirks and his wife Debra Dirks – two American Christian priests who converted to Islam in 1993 (here)?

The Judeo-Christian anti-Islam propagandists have been trying in vain to prove that Allah is not the God of Bible. I agree with these bigots, but for different reasons.

  1. The G-d (God) of Bible is a handicap entity. He needs two helpers (Jesus and Holy Spirit) aka Trinity to run His universal empire.
  2. The Biblical god is not conservative; he allows sex out of marriage and even among a father-in-law and his son’s widowed wife – and sees no problem with Moses telling a lie to his brother Aaron – or Jesus cursing his own mother.
  3. Bible teaches violence: The Lord is a man of war, Yahweh is his name – Exodus 15:3.
  4. Bible promotes hatred and mistreatment of women; from First Sin, King Solomon’s 300 wives and 400 concubines to the state of Israel.
  5. The Christian God even dies on the Cross – and then escapes to India with his girlfriend.

ALLAH is none of the above. He doesn’t need someone to help Him to run the Universe and other galaxies He created. He is ever-present and will never taste death. He forbids all kind of violence and doesn’t condone adultery or discrimination against women, and other minorities, even Israel’s friendly LGBT communities. On top of all that, ALLAH has 99 Attributes, which the Judeo-Christian G-d (God) doesn’t posses.


19 responses to “Islamic Quiz in US school irks Jewish Lobby

  1. Daniel Margrain

    “My God is better than your God”, is one of the reasons why we are in the mess we find ourselves in today. If everybody was an atheist/agnostic the world would be a much better and more peaceful place. Organised religion is the bane of humanity.

    • I’m sorry to burst your Atheist Balloon, because most of Jewish mass murderers claimed themselves to be atheists, such as, Karl Marx, Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Weisman, Gen. Moshe Dayan, Gen. Sharon and Netanyahu, to name a few – all claimed to be atheists or agnostic.

      • Daniel Margrain

        Yes, but the actions of the people you mention – unlike religious nuts- were not motivated by their atheism/agnosticism…Duh!

    • Are you trying to tell me that their “motives” were not driven by their Talmudic hatred and genocide – but they just wanted promote homosexuality to civilized the Gentile world.

      Oops! That could get me an ‘antisemitic medal’.

      • Daniel Margrain

        Oh, and the the head cutting and heart eating maniacs who self-identify as Muslims are motivated by religion and that religion is Islam. I know, for Muslims like you, it’s not convenient to mention this fact but it is what is is. And you accuse others of being in denial…LOL..

  2. I only agree with Daniel’s first statement and not for the reasons he states. Dividing Christians and Muslims is only serving Judeozionism’s goals, whether you, Rehmat, are aware or not of the effect of your railings against and mocking of Christian dogma.
    “There is no compulsion in religion,” – Holy Qur’an–is the slug at the top of your page. Internalize it.

    • “There is no compulsion in religion” – It means under no circumstances, a Muslim should force a non-Muslim to convert to Islam. Now, if you have studied Muslim history not written by people like Begin and Daniel Pipes – you might have been surprised to learn that Islam spread without sword in most places like India, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, etc. After studying six years in a Catholic Mission – I couldn’t find a single country where Christianity was spread without ethnic-cleansing. But, I could be wrong. So, please, please, please correct me if I’m wrong.

      Thank you – and May the Trinity be with you.

  3. If you believe that one of the, if not THE, the biggest current dangers threatening not only the ME but mankind is judeozionism, you should also appreciate the importance of Christians and Muslims uniting in this fight. Your frequent jeers and mockery of Christian faith — “May the trinity be with you” — is not helping anything and anybody on the right side of this fight. Both Christianity and Islam had episodes of proselytizing by the sword. I know the history of the Ottoman Empire, perhaps better than you. Neither of the Prophets of the two religions had in mind either the infamies committed by the Ottomans nor the Crusades. Try to separate the dogmas from the vitiated use to which it was put by various potentataes. Leave the venting aside and be aware that division only serves Jewish Power.

    • It seems, you’re a very ignorant Christian when it come to ME or the “Jewish threat”. There are more Zionist Christians (over 65 million in the US alone) than the entire world Jewry (12.7 million). The Organized Christianity (Catholicism, Protestantism, Evangelism, Russian Orthodox Church, etc.) has long been occupied by the Crypto Jews. Pope Francis is more Jewish than the Chief Rabbi of France. Archbishop of Canterbury is son of a German Jew, while all Evangelic pastors are Israel-Firsters.

      Canadian Jewish academic, Henry Makow, PhD, was not kidding when he said: “After destroying Judaism and Christianity – the only resistance coming to the establishment of World Order under Jewish domination is from Muslims. Therefore, ‘War on Islam’.”

  4. PS. Your six years of studies in a Catholic mission must have had some serious gaps. Christianity spread in vast countries like Russia (Armenia before that) without any bloodshed, as it did in the Balkans. Not the case of the Americas, granted, but making unjustified, sweeping generalizations in the service of prejudice does not bolster your argument.

    • Another “self-denial” rant. Christianity originated in Rome by killing over six million Jesus followers known as “Nazerene”. Christianity moved on to Russia after the Vatican collaborated with Czars to occupy Muslim lands in Siberia, Chechnya, Dagestan, and beyond. The Balkan especially Bosnia were controlled by the Vatican by murdering more than one million Christians who were accused of turning to Ottoman empire to escape Christian fundamentalism.

      In order to find out the truth about Christianity and Islam – I suggest you study British preacher in British India,Thomas Arnold Walker’s book, “The Preaching of Islam: A History of the Propagation of the Muslim Faith”.

  5. Last comment on this: Christians and Muslims worship GOD. The two faiths have the same ethic backbone. They can co-exist peacefully and have done so for centuries in many places. People should be free to worship in their own way, according to their traditions, as long as they do no harm to others. How is a Muslim mocking Christianity different from a Jew or a Christian mocking Islam?

    • Wrong Again! Christianity is not a Monotheist religion any more. Islam is only Monotheist faith in the world. The leaders of both Yahud and Nasara rejected with the exception of King Najashi of Abyssinia (present day Ethiopia). YES, Jews, Christians and Muslims co-exited in Muslim-ruled countries – but not in European. Who you think fought eight Crusades against Muslims who also believed in Messiah Jesus?

      Showing truth about the teachings and actions against a religion is not “mockery” but is called “showing mirror”. and when you think, Jews and Christians clerics and writers stopped “mocking Islam” – something they started in 610 CE?

  6. “Showing truth about the teachings and actions against a religion is not “mockery” but is called “showing mirror”.

    No. I don’t care about your “truth,” thank you very much. Keep it to yourself. In turn I will not badger you with my truth. How’s that?
    Is it so very hard for you to understand this simple rule of peaceful and civilized co-existence?

    • I’m quite familiar with your TRUTH Pope Francis: “Inside every Christian is a Jew.”

      • I did study Old and New Testament (Named attributes) References for God.
        It could be that sometimes names (References to God) are confused with attributes of God (based on inter-religious interpretation/s).
        For example – “Thine Everlasting Light” could have specific, if not all the same attributes of One God. Possibly, 99 attributes can equal 1? (99=1)

        The Light contains and/or reflects everything to the Divine Attributes of God. It is almost as same as “The Bright and Morning Star” and the Light itself is reflection / “Image of the Invisible God.”

  7. You still don;t get it. The menorah-whipped pope doesn’t have anything to do with Christian dogma, which he in fact rejected. Maybe this will get through to you:

    • Stop acting like an idiot. In Christianity, a Pope is “Infallible”. It doesn’t matter whether he is a so-called “follower of St. Saul” or “follower of Organized Jewry” – he is still “Vicar of Christ Killers”.

      I have seen the video. It has nothing to do with Islam. It’s all about Tatar nationalism which symbolize centuries of resistance against Czars and Russian Orthodox Christianity, which was and still a Colonial Power, no matter what this idiot “imam” think of his new “allies”.

  8. a@riadnatheo:
    A note:
    I am Roman-Catholic.
    You seem to be a layperson and not ordained in a valid way (if ordained). You just assume that people do not know anything about Christianity or the Church.

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