Who are behind West’s fear of Islam

JohnStewart911OutsideJob-300x166[1]The West’s fear of Islam began with the establishment of first Islamic City State in Medina in 624 CE. Both Christian Byzantine empire and the Catholic Church saw it a future threat to their western imperialism. The bad dream of Byzantine empire came true when Seljuk Turks put the final nail in its coffin. The Church which received Greek translation of Holy Qur’an 50 year after the death of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was shocked to find that Islam pays more respect to prophet Jesus (as) and his mother Saint Mary than the New Testament – and doesn’t curse both of them like Jewish Scriptures. Holy Qur’an also accepts followers of the true messages of Moses and Jesus as “People of Book”.

During the Christian Crusades, the West’s fear of Islam became political. The Western leaders started blaming Islam for being not compatible with the Western progressive values, which US vice-president Joe Biden claims to be Jewish values.

Dr. Jocelyne Cesari in her 2013 book, Why the West fears Islam: Exploration of Islam in Western Liberal Democracies, debunks many of anti-Islam political stereotypes. Listen to her below.

India-born American professor Deepa Kumar (Rutgers University) is author of 2012 book, Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire. She based her own experience of living and studying with Muslims, debunks Western prejudice against Muslims (here).

Stephen Sheehi’s 2011 book, Islamophobia: An Ideological Campaign Against Muslims (here) is another good book to read.

The Jews, who were expelled from the Christian West over 108 times and given sanctuary by Muslim states, are currently funding hatred toward Islam for the benefit of the Zionist regime. We witness new false flags created by Israeli Mossad around the world to demonize Islam and Muslims. Anti-Islam cartoons, billboards and Qur’an burning, and book are published to blame Muslims for 9/11 to ISIS.

On January 5, 2013, American Jewish writer and blogger Richard Silverstein claimed that several American Jewish corporations funds anti-Islam campaign run by fanatic Jews and organizations, such as, Daniel Pipes, David Horowitz, Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, The Israel Project and MEMRI.

A few days ago, French member at European Union parliament, and former minister in Nicolas Sarkozy’s (Jewish) government, Nadine Morano, said in public that France is a “Judeo-Christian White country and it should not be allowed to become Muslim.” I’m sure the Zionist bitch knows there are less than 500,000 Jews among 60 million French population, while Muslims are more than seven millions.

On September 29, 2015, professor Sami Zubaida (Birkbeck at University of London) in a lengthy article, entitled, Varieties of ‘Islamophobia’ and its targets, explains that the presence of growing Muslim population in Europe along with re-emergence Islamists on political stage and the establishment of Israel, is largely a legacy of western colonization of the Muslim world in the 20th century. Personally, I don’t agree with his apologetic tone at several places, but I do agree with his historic narrative.

We should note, however, that current Muslim anti-Jewish manifestations are distinct from the old European antisemitism, the tropes of which they adopt. To the Europeans, Jews were neighbors and associates, persecuted for their alleged insidious maleficence. In the Muslim world, Jews are not a presence, but an idea, part of a world politics shaped in accordance with universal religious communities – and Israel is the Jewish side,” says Zubaida.


3 responses to “Who are behind West’s fear of Islam

  1. Can you explain what exactly is Ms. Jocelyne explaining? I find very interesting all things that she is saying, but can you explain/verify most important sections? (When you have time and/or are able to do that).
    I like to understand this without errors if possible (or at least not any major errors).

  2. Maybe because Elija was not sure of worship was hiding at the wrong place. Now 9ft thick Wailing Wall’s do the same – just for example (as you give) that they worship the foundation of a Roman fortress?

    I do not know anything about worship places because I am not that religious. My Faith instructs me not to worship anywhere.

    With that, I am without intention. I do pray for intentions. (One hour a week), and I write down who’s intentions I pray about, and I may put my notes in the box to which only Church has key for it (I think). Some notes, I may keep in my Bible for reference. Some, I just tear up!

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