Gay Rabbi: Jews are not White folks

29a3[1]On September 22, 2015, Rabbi Gil Steinlauf in Washington Post op-ed said: “Jews in America struggled for decades to become White. Now we must give up Whiteness to fight racism. Let’s teach our children that we are, in fact, not White, but simply Jewish.”

Gil Steinlauf is the senior rabbi at Adas Israel Congregation in Washington DC, the oldest and largest synagogue in the city. Several Jewish and Evangelic lawmakers have consulted him on spirituality and politics. In May 22, 2015, Barack Obama also met the rabbi in his synagogue.

Any person who has read Jewish history from some objective source would know that so-called Europe’s White Jews are in fact Asiatic Turks from Kingdom of Khazaria, who converted to Jewish religion in the 10th century (here).

I’m sure Rabbi Steinlauf is aware of Jewish racism especially among his Zionist cult. I’m also sure the self-denying rabbi must have read how the Organized Jewry has been demonizing American Jews like US diplomat professor Richard Falk (here), and former GOP propagandist David Cole (here).

Last year, Rabbi Steinlauf made a landmark announcement. He sent thousands of e-mails to his congregants informing them that he was divorcing his wife Rabbi Batya, an interfaith activist in Washington as both of us realized that I’m a gay.

Personally, I have no problem with Steinlauf being gay, or Batya being lesbian – something many people believe is very Jewish thing to be. However, rabbi’s so-called “Americanism” rant doesn’t fool me. He never hide his hatred towards Hamas, Hizbullah and Iranian people. On September 25, 2015, Steinlauf called the Islamic Republic, The Greatest Threat to the Jews on his personal blog.

Frankly, Organized Jewry’s vicious campaign against Iran, Syria, Iraq and Pakistan never surprised me – because these evildoers are taught to hate Islam and Muslims in their cradle. The irony of the matter is, Islam or the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) or Muslims are not even mentioned in Jewish Scriptures; Torah and especially in Talmud like Jesus, Mary and Christians. But what surprised me is Rabbi Steinlauf’s claim: When one Jew sins, we are all sinners.

I cannot help laughing at rabbi’s self-denial. For example, does he know that Zionist Jews dominate prostitution, pornography, crime mob, and slavery (here, here, here, here).


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