UK Jews: Let’s kiss corbyn and makeup

Jeremy Corbyn has upset the country’s Jewish lobby again. In response to David Cameron’s knee-jerk claim that in order to solve Syrian refugee problem, the ‘civilized’ world must remove Bashar al-Assad from power – Corbyn said: “I wouldn’t send troops abroad without United Nations vote.

Let’s not forget that the regime change in Damascus had been an Israeli project since day one.

The Jewish lobby and UK’s media ran a vicious anti-Corbyn campaign accusing him every possible crime with the exception of having affair with princess Diana. The Jewish Chronicle has reported that many Jewish leaders have come the conclusion that since Jeremy Corbyn has now become the leader of HM’s Opposition – it would be against Israel’s interests to keep demonizing a politician who could become country’s prime minister one day.

A Labour leader with over 30 year of experience, Corbyn passionately and eloquently defends blue-collar Britain, multiculturalism and a left-off-center notion of social center. These are issues that resonate with British’s 250,000-strong Jewish community which has historically leaned Labor,” wrote Cnaan Liphsiz on September 18. 2015. Isn’t that called licking one’s own AZZ?

The problem is not that Corbyn is anti-Semite or Holocaust denier, he is neither. But Corbyn seems to gravitate toward people who are, if they come with anti-Israel sticker on them,” says Dave Rich, spokesman for the Israel lobby, Community Security Trust (CST).

In other word, even though Corbyn claims to has some “drops of German Jewish blood”, and married to a woman with ‘Jewish family name’ – he refuses to be Israel’s Zionist dog like David Cameron.

I think only idiots like Liphsiz would expect Organized Jewry to forget its political humiliation. The BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail, etc. are still busy in character assassination of Corbyn. Take for example, BBC’s Jewish political editor Laura Kuenssberg’s lie that Cobyn will refuse to kneel to the Queen and kiss her hand at the ceremony initiating his joining the Queen’s Privy Council. It’s now clear that Kuenssberg is just another Israeli dog and no kissing was involved.


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