Pope Francis and the ‘Saint Holocaust’

Pope Francis’ first ‘Holy Act’ during his visit to United States was to canonize the mass killer Padre Junipero Serra for spreading Christianity among the Native Americans by sword and bullet. Thousands of Catholics cheered Francis at Catholic University in Washington on Wednesday for bestowing Sainthood on Californian ‘Catholic hero’.

On Sunday, however, the ‘Holy Spirit’ spoke. Padre Junipero Serra’s statue adorning his grave at the Carmel Mission in Carmel, California, was found in a pool of green paint with Saint of Genocide written on the headstone.

According to officials at the Catholic Mission, it’s the first time the statue has been defaced. They believe it’s result of Pope Francis’ elevation of Serra to Sainthood. This has opened colonial wounds among the descendants of the Native Americans whose population has been reduced from over 80 million to a few million since Christopher Columbus accidentally discovered Americana over 600-year ago.

Anyone familiar how Francis along with his friendly rabbis collaborated with Argentine military junta in the past, is not surprised with his admiration for a fellow Jesuit butcher.

American historian and investigative journalist, Robert Barsocchini, has written an excellent satire based on Serra’s Sainthood, comparing him with ISIS “Caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. According to a French Report, al-Baghdadi aka Simon Elliot was born in a Jewish family and trained by Israeli Mossad before joining anti-Assad Wahabis butchers in Syria.

Pope Francis announced this week his decision to proceed with the canonization of the Islamic missionary Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. A controversial figure, according to the Washington Post established “Islamic missions – as he marched North with conquistadors.” a statue of Baghdadi, note the Post, was recently erected, in the Saudi Capitol (Riyadh),” Barsocchini said.


3 responses to “Pope Francis and the ‘Saint Holocaust’

  1. You can look at the canonisation of Junipero Serra in another way: as a complete national/international Church-mock.

    Just because “He Shall Reward Everyone According to the Works.”

    Canonisation of Junipero Serra is a just reward..

    A remark: you happened to be a bit slow and really can’t keep up. Why?

    • Harvard historian professor Niall Ferguson in his highly praised 2006 book, The War of the World, claimed that some of the greatest mass murderers of modern times were Jewish. Ferguson’s research, however, centered on the Bolshevik revolution and the Lenin and Stalin era during which Jewish elites in the Russian government and Bolshevik terrorist organs like Cheka, GPU, NKVD and KGB, sent over 100 million Christian and Muslim communities to death camps or rooted out of their native homelands.

      Some other books on this subject include ‘Behind Communism’ by Frank Britton, ‘Stalin’s willing Executioners’ by Yuri Slezkine, ‘The Rulers of Russia’ by Rev. Denis Fahey, and ‘The Secret Behind Communism’, by David Duke Ph.D.

      Do you why they all missed Padre Junipero Serra. Just curious!


  2. I am sure that you read all those wonderful books and also have verified all facts in those books and know why.

    I am sure that those books written by them are just wonderful. I also think that they have read many books to write those books, but they also have checked all their facts from those books.

    Perhaps, they missed him for some following of the reasons?

    One: Did not think that he was relevant either for their folks of focus – or it was not relevant for the point in time that they were going about in their books.

    Two: He may have been just an individual within a movement – was not specifically a mass murderer himself.

    Note: two reasons are very limiting.

    Three: He did some bad things – but nothing as bad as mass-murdering, perhaps – and that is why he is excluded from their books?
    Still, I too, curious! You see, I just do not know nor would know why. Artful Dorchester thinks knows a lot.
    Really why is he left out from those books and missing? Do you know?

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