Putin’s Syrian Paradox

Putin_Obama_tea[1]Judging by Vladimir Putin’s actions during the last week, it seems to me he doesn’t know whose side he is on; Obama-Netanyahu or their victim Assad.

Putin didn’t attend Barack Obama’s opening speech at the UN General Assembly in New York. Obama used the international forum to blast Putin’s policies on Ukraine and Syria. In response, Vladimir Putin, who attended the forum after a decade, blamed Obama administration for creating mess in Syria and Ukraine (here and here).

Israeli poodle, David Cameron told world leaders on the sideline of the 70th UNGA conference that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad must be removed from power to stop 4-year-old bloodshed in the country.

French president Francois Hollande (Jewish) claimed that Syrian refugees are not fleeing from CIA-Mossad-MI6 created ISIS/ISIL but from Syrian army. Interestingly, Syrians lived under the same Ba’athist-controlled army for the last four decades.

Iranian president Sheikh Rouhani blamed United Nations and world powers for throwing Syrian people in front of foreign wolves.

On September 21, Putin welcomed Netanyahu, his defense chief of staff and head of Jewish military intelligence. Netanyahu conveyed his concern over Russian military personnel fighting along Syrian forces and supply of Russian air-to-air anti-aircraft system. He assured Putin that Israeli pilots would make sure they don’t hit Russian targets but warned Putin of collateral damage. Netanyahu told reporters after the meeting that Putin had promised to share intelligence with Israel over conflict in Syria.

On September 23, Putin had dinner with Turkish president Erdogan who was in Moscow to attend opening ceremony of Moscow’s Grand Mosque. There was no joint statement issued, which means Putin didn’t discuss Syrian crisis with his Turkish counterpart.

Many independent voices agree with Assad that Syrian refugee tragedy is US creation to demonize Assad. Putin says that real threat to regional peace is not Assad regime but the ISIS terrorists.

I posted in July 2011 that the bloodshed in Syria is an Israeli Project meant to isolate Iran from its regional allies before US-Israeli attack Iran to install a regime subversive to the Zionist power. If you watch the regimes fighting the ISIL/ISIS in Syria and Iraq – they’re all controlled by the Jewish lobby groups.

Considering that Vladimir Putin allegedly have Jewish family roots and has very close relation with former Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman, a radical Jew – I believe Putin has no interest in saving Bashar al-Assad or any Muslim nation-state from Israeli vultures for that matter. His only interest is to re-establish Soviet-era domination of the region.

Russia like China is still a colonial power. It’s still occupying several Muslim lands, such as, Crimea, Chechnya, Sochi, Siberia, Dagestan, and Ingushetia (Watch a video below).


3 responses to “Putin’s Syrian Paradox

  1. I am posting most of your articles on my FB site, but your usual Putin allegations are pure Bullshit!

    • What can I say to a person who has no legs to stand on, except recite a Divine Verse:
      “Say! I will never worship what you worship – and you will never worship whom I worship.”

  2. I think your analysis is, on the whole, correct. Obama’s stated priority is to topple Assad whereas Putin’s stated priority is to help Assad get rid of ISIS. As I said previously, the aim of the Zio-cons since at least 2006 has been regime change in Syria. Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey at the behest of Britain and America since March 2011, have fanned the flames of sectarianism within Syria and we are seeing the consequences of that now. As you said, Syria is the intended staging post for America’s eventual attack on Iran. Please see my analysis in my latest post.

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