Eritrea: Where Islam and Christianity meet

Flag-of-Eritrea[1]Since 1993 the independent African Muslim majority state of Eritrea has been demonized by the western governments to please Israel and the local Jewish lobby groups. The country, carries strategic importance to both the US and Israel for access to Suez Canal and Red Sea. Like Sudan, Eritrea has also been declared a rouge state for its government’s independent foreign policy. It has been accused of corruption, human right abuser, no freedom of press and anti-Christianity.

Italian colonists occupied Muslim majority Eritrean region in 1885. Later, Christian majority Ethiopian kingdom became Italian protectorate. After Italian colonial forces were defeated by US-UK colonial forces in WWII, the “Victors” re-installed Western Christian puppet, Haile Selassie, on Ethiopian thrown. During a meeting with president Roosevelt in 1945, Haile Selassie stressed his need to annex Eritrea in order to have access to Red Sea. He promised Roosevelt in exchange to let America built a naval base at Massawa. When the UN considers the future of Eritrea in 1948-1950 – Washington put pressure  like it did in case of the World Zionist movement in 1947, to gift Eritrea to Ethiopia. As result, Ethiopia annexed Eritrea in 1952.

Thomas C. Mountain, an independent American Christian journalist residing in Asmara since 2006 has debunked accusation of religious intolerance in Eritrea in a recent article, entitled, Eritrea: Where Muslims And Christians Live In Peace.

Mr. Mountain claims that in Nigeria, Chad, CAR, and several other African countries – Muslim and Christian communities are at war with each other but not in Eritrea.

In the Europe, North America, India, Israel, and Buddhist majority countries – Muslim minorities are treated like European Jews in the past.

In Switzerland, popular vote made the display of Islamic culture in the form of minarets on the roof of their Islamic houses of worship illegal. In Kenya, a series of Muslim clerics are murdered by Christian police. In the USA, the Gestapo aka FBI, has at least one full-time agent monitoring every single mosque in the entire country,”says Mountain.

So, is Thomas C. Mountain speaking the truth? Judging by his character assassination by Eritrea-born Canadian journalist Aaron Berhane (Jewish) – I believe he is. In an article at Asmarino Independent (April 14, 2010), entitled, Shame on Thomas c. Mountain, he accused Mountain, ‘Eritrea government propagandist’.

On May 2, 2006, Rabbi Levi Brackman in an op-ed at YNet claimed that British colonists brought first wave of Jews to Asmara from Aden (Yemen). Later Italian colonists patronized Jewish community in Asmara. Under King Haile Selassie Jews saw their Golden Age in Eritrea. In fact, Jews always prospered under colonial rules. However, after Eritrea’s independence from Ethiopia, thousands of Eritrean Jews left for Israel or other western countries.

Both Eritrea and Israel maintain relations at ambassadorial level. Elie Antebi is Israel’s ambassador in Asmara. Tesfamariam Takeste (Christian) is Eritrean ambassador in Tel Aviv, who was attacked by Eritrean refugees in 2013. Last year, Israel bribed Sweden to accept several dozens refugees from Eritrea.

According to Israeli history textbooks, 30,000 Yemeni Jews living in Aden and Sana’a were expelled by Jew hating Yemeni Arabs except the 300 ‘self-hating Jews’ who refuse to leave Yemen.


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