Holocaust Lobby condemns Austria

Austriaflag[1]On September 24, 75 Jewish, Christian and Hindu Holocaust historians including the conman Eli Wiesel sent a petition to Austria’s ambassador in Washington, Hans Peter Manz, demanding that Austrian president Heinz Fischer (a ceremonial post with not much power) pardon Austrian Jewish Holocaust historian Stephen Teml.

Stephen Teml was sentenced in 2003 by a Vienna criminal court for falsifying Austrian history during WWII by claiming that his family property worth millions of dollars was seized and not returned after the Nazis led the Anschluss of Austria in 1938. In April 2013, a judge at Vienna criminal court upheld the charges against the so-called Holocaust survivor, saying Teml was “greedy” and wanted the “highest amount of money for himself”.

The ‘Holocaust survivor’ is expected to serve his one year jail sentence soon.

The First Lady of Austria, Margit Fischer, is Jewish. But her husband is not ashamed to shake hands with the Zionist regime’s enemies. For example, Heinz Fischer shook hands with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei in Tehran early this month. His visit was condemned by Israel and European Jewish lobby groups. Former president Thomas Klestil visited Tehran in 2004 before his death. Klestil, a ‘Friend of Israel’ visited the Zionist entity in 1994, becoming the first ever Austrian head of state to visit Occupied Palestine.

Interestingly, no Austrian Holocaust historian is among the 75 Zionist poodles. However, anti-Iran former Canadian Jewish MP, David Kilgour, made the list.

The crying wolf petition was sponsored by Washington-based David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies. The founding director of the institute, Dr. Rafael Medoff in book, FDR and the Holocaust: A Breach of Faith, has accused former US president Franklin D. Roosevelt, who is reportedly had Jewish family roots, of antisemitism.

President FDR privately wanted to restrict the number of Jews entering some professions and universities, and believed Jews should be “spread thin all over the world” so they would quickly assimilate,” says Medoff in the book.

The book also reveals that several American Jewish groups made a request to secretary of state Cordel Hull (1933-1944) and secretary of war Henry Stimson to bomb Auschwitz labor camp. Henry Simson was also against Harry Truman’s recognition of the Zionist entity in Palestine. Both of them have been vilified as ‘Jew haters’.

A 2012 book, FDR and the Jews, claims that FDR collaborated with Adolf Hitler.

Austria is home to nearly 9,000 Jews. Vienna is probably the most sacred place to visit by Jews after the East Jerusalem Wailing Wall. It has Judenplatz, Austrian Holocaust, and United States Holocaust museums. Vienna has Theodor Herzl (d. 1904)heritage home and a city square named after the founder of World Zionist Congress. The famous Viennese include Georg Schonerer and Karl Leuger who are mentioned in Hitler’s Mein Kampf as experts on Jewish culture and history. However, the most hated person by the Zionist Jews, is no doubt, late Austrian president and UN Secretary-General Dr. Kurt Waldheim (here) for criticizing Israeli invasion and occupation of South Lebanon in the 1978 and 1982 to steal water from Litani River. Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah forced Israeli military to retreat from South Lebanon in 2000. It was Benjamin Netanyahu, as Israel’s ambassador to United Nations who lead vicious anti-Wldheim campaign.


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