US Muslim President

MuhammadAli7[1]On September 20, GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson told Chuck Todd (Jewish) on Meet the Press that a Muslim shouldn’t be allowed to become President of United States. Why? Because Ben Carson’s Talmud says that “Islam is not consistent with the US Constitution.” I’m sure Dr. Carson knows that the powerful Jewish Lobby will make sure of that.

Later, Carson, a typical Israeli professional liar, tried to cover his bigotry by saying that what he meant was, “an Islamist who wanted to make Islamic Shari’ah as US Constitution.” He was acting a paranoid Zionist creep like his fellows in Britain who condemned former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams for saying that some of Shari’ah laws would be good for British society.

Ben Carson’s ‘Islamophobic’ statement was so filthy that even Washington Post’s Jewish columnist Charles Krauthammer couldn’t digest it. On September 24, he took Carson to task at Jewish National Review.

Ben Carson said on Sunday that a Muslim should not be president of United states. His reason is Islam is incompatible with Constitution. On the contrary, Carson is incompatible with a Constitution that explicitly commands that “no religious test shall ever be required as qualification to any office or public trust under the United States“,” Krauthammer said.

There are more American citizens who claims to be Muslims (7-9 million) than those who claim to be Jewish (5-6 million) – but there are only two Muslim Congressmen and no Senator or a State Governor or a Supreme Court judge. Contrary to that, there are 19 Jewish Congressmen, 10 Senators, two state Governors and four Supreme Court judges. And let’s not forget that John F. Kennedy was the only Catholic president of United states. It has been proven that US presidents Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Woodrov Wilson, Theodor Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Franklin Roosevelt – all had Jewish family roots, so is Barack Obama’s.

This despite the fact that Benjamin Franklin, one of the authors of the US Constitution had warned the nation about the Evil Jewish Power in 1787.

I fully agree with George Washington that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and penetration. The menace, gentlemen, is the Jews,” he said.

In reality, the way politics is played in the West – it is not compatible with Islamic Shari’ah, which wants it to subservient to the Mighty Creator (Allah) and not to the Jewish Lobby and Jewish money. Therefore, no practicing Muslim in his/her right mind would contest American, French, or German presidential election. These and other western countries practice what American Jewish author Greg Palast called: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.

So, if jerks like Ben Carson don’t like a Muslim to be US president – it shouldn’t bother over 7 million Muslim American, because during the country’s 350-year history no Christian or Jewish woman have been elected US president either. France and Russia have more Muslims than United States, but not even a single Muslim city Mayor. Contrary to that France has less than 500,000 Jewish population, but have several Jewish presidents, prime ministers and cabinet ministers including the current president and PM.


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