O’Canada: B’nai B’rith gets Buddhist teacher fired

moose_walking_carryin_a_lw-1[1]Canada’s Jewish supremacist B’nai B’rith has got a Buddhist teacher Brain Ruhe fired for using his freedom of speech rights in July 2015. Brain Ruhe taught Buddhism and mediation at the Roundhouse Community and Arts Center in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The pro-Israel B’nai B’rith has accused Ruhe for teaching hatred toward Jews, such as, admiring Adolf Hitler, and that Zionist Jews wheeled great powers over Western governments, banking institutions and Hollywood, to his students in the classroom. Ruhe has refuted all such accusations by saying that those are his personal views which he never taught in the class but posted them on U-Tube. Listen to him on the video below.

Brain Ruhe claims that on May 12, 2015, he received a phone call from someone calling himself, Lama Tsewang. He is not Oriental. He is a Jew and Canadian. Tibetan Buddhist lama named Lama Tsewang. “Your student will know. The B’nai B’rith is after you now. The school board will know about you. You’re a fascist. There is no free speech for fascists. The school board will know. I will make sure you’re fired. Fascism doesn’t deserve free speech. No free speech for fascism.”

In Canada, the so-called “Freedom of Speech” exist for the pro-Israel groups and individuals. Harper government has banned UK’s MP George Galloway and several Muslim scholars and human right activists from entering Canada in the past over lame excuse of inciting “racial hatred”. Canadian patriot, editor Arthur Topham is being hauled into Canadian courts for “insulting” the Organized Jewry’s feelings.

Last year, B’nai B’rith put a pull-page advertisement in Sir Conrad Black (Canada-UK Jewish dual citizen) owned Canada’s top anti-Muslim newspaper National Post, claiming that 4 million Canadians are afflicted with anti-Semite disease.

The umbrella organization representing Israel’s interests in Canada is Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy (here).

In June, 2015, Pope Francis met a delegation from B’nai B’rith International (founded in 1864) in Vatican. He told the Jewish leaders that both Christians and Jews should work together to bring peace in the Holy Land and the rest of the Middle East.


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