Religious Fanaticism is a Western Tradition

Western leaders and Jewish-controlled media have never stopped blaming Muslims for religious fanaticism and terrorism. The pro-Israel Jewish groups pours millions of dollars each year to propagate lies about Islam and Muslims.

A few months ago, CIA whistleblower, Robert David Steele, admitted that every single terrorist attack for which Muslims were blamed, was a false flag operation committed by CIA with the help of other foreign intelligence agencies.

British Jewish writer and Jeremy Corbyn’s handicap, Paul Eisen, claims that Judaism is not religion of peace.

Israeli writer, Israel Shamir, likes Ottoman Empire so much, he wishes it to come back.

US-born Canadian war reporter and author, Eric Margolis, in his book, War At The Top Of The World, claims that when India was witnessing its Golden Age under Muslim Mughal Empire, London (UK) was a city of 15,000 UNWASHED citizens.

If one read Muslim history from some objective source, one would find out that Muslim rulers in Spain, India, Sicily, Greece, etc. treated Jews and Christians far better than they could have dreamed in Europe. The Muslim tolerance toward Jewish communities was so superior to Christian world that Zionist Jewish Orientalist, Dr. David Lewis was forced to admit that Jews found their Golden Age in Muslim Spain.

Islamic tenets are based on moderation and tolerance and not on religious fanaticism. German academic and author Dr. T.P. Wilkinson in a recent article, entitled, My Name is Nobody: Religious Fanaticism is a Western Tradition, has admitted this historic truth. He says that Western Christian missionaries played a major role in the colonization of Africa, Latin America, Middle East, etc. They helped big corporations in Natives’ land grabbing and pushing new Christian converts to die for the colonialists in the name of Jesus.

Only ethnic or religious fanaticism – an essential trait of the imperial elite — could endow a minority in any of these countries with the capacity to rule other ethnic or religious groups as ruthlessly as the colonizers had done,” says Wilkinson.

The Anglo-American elite, together with their vassals and the settler-colonial regime in Palestine, have been using the tried and true tradition of religious fanaticism to promote their own religion: fanatical capitalism. One cannot function without the other because they are in essence two sides of the same historical coin,” says Wilkinson.


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