Khamenei warns Muslims of US-Israel crimes

22[1]Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatuallah Ali Khamenei in his Hajj message has called upon Muslim scholars and leaders around the world to counter Washington’s anti-Muslim policies and crimes committed by the Zionist regime, because these are the key problems facing the Muslim Ummah (brotherhood).

The glorious congregation of Hajj is the loftiest manifestation of this historic duty and a chance to expose enemies of Islam and the Muslim world, and one of the most noticeable political rituals and opportunity which must be seized,” said Khamenei.

Today, the mischievous policies of America in this region, which are the source of war and bloodshed and devastation and homelessness as well as poverty and backwardness and ethnic and religious differences, on the one hand, and crimes committed by the Zionist regime, which has taken its usurping behavior in the country of Palestine to the ultimate degree of ruthlessness and evilness, in addition to repeated violations of the sacred sanctuary of the al-Aqsa Mosque and trampling on the lives and property of the oppressed Palestinians, on the other hand, are the foremost problem for all of you Muslims, about which you must think and in the face of which you must know your Islamic obligation. And religious ulema and political and cultural elites shoulder a much heavier responsibility, which is unfortunately ignored by them most of the time,” said Khamenei.

Khamenei also drew pilgrims’ attention to daily Jewish hooliganism at Al-Aqsa Mosque by the Zionist regime and illegal Jewish settlers.

Leading Eid al-Adha prayers, a senior cleric and adviser to the Leader, Ayatullah Ahmad Khatami said no thaw in Iran-US ties as long as Washington keep supporting the illegal regime occupying Palestine.

America is the enemy of the Muslim world due to its support for the slaughterer of occupying Zionist regime, giving rise to terrorist groups like ISIL and backing criminals in Yemen, Bahrain and Syria,” Khatami said.


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