John Bolton: ‘Obama is dying to meet Rouhani’

Iran_Deal[1]Iranian president Sheikh Hassan Rouhani is due to arrive in New York to address 70th UN General assembly on September 25. The other world leaders lined-up to address the international forum on the same day include Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and Francois Hollande.

The kosher Pope Francis is also scheduled to bless the 193-member forum on behalf of Zionism.

According to Rouhani’s office, during his 4-day stay in United States, Rouhani would meet leaders of Iranian communities in the country and address a news conference before leaving the US. Any meeting with Barack Obama is not on Rouhani’s official schedule. Rouhani had avoided meeting Barack Obama on UN General Assembly sideline in 2013 and 2014.

On September 27, 2013, Obama did succeed making a phone call from Oval Office which Rouhani received in his car while on way to the airport.

John Bolton, former Israel-First US ambassador to United Nations recently told Eric Shawn at Fox News that president Obama is dying to meet Iran’s president Rouhani, and would make his wish come true by shaking hand with Rouhani on the sideline of UNGA on September 25.

President Obama has been after a photo-op with Rouhani for some times. We had, last year, the spectacle of the president desperately trying to get a phone call through Rouhani as Rouhani headed out to JFK airport to fly back to Iran. I think with the signing of the nuclear deal, this is the moment. I would be very surprised if the White House is not working overtime to do it,” Bolton said.

I really think the Iran deal is tragedy for Americans,” Bolton predicted on behalf of Netanyahu.

In the past, John Bolton is on record calling both Barack Obama and United Nations being “anti-Israel”.

If you think, John Bolton the most paranoid Zionist – Listen to Israel’s “Intelligence Minister”, Yuval Steinitz, who has accused Iran of carrying-out a nuclear test before 9/11, one day ahead of Rouhani’s speech at the UNGA.


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