Ex-ambassador: India is ruled by Mafias

india-flag[1]K. Gajendra Singh, former Indian ambassador to Turkey, Azerbaijan, Jordan and Romania in a recent article claimes that India is run by Mafias like Vyapam, BCCI and state mafias. Read more here.

Gajendra Singh accuses Rajendra Modi’s government for dragging India back to dark age by its love for the Western economic Capitalism. He pays great tributes to former prime minister Indira Gandhi for the creation of Bangladesh out of the eastern-wing of Pakistan.

Every effort is made to badmouth Jawahar Lal Nehru, India’s first prime minister and his daughter Indira Gandhi. Would the NDA have the ability or courage to dismember Pakistan as she did in 1971? Nehru was one of the greatest mordernizers in modern Indian history and his grandson Rajeev Gandhi also followed the path of modernization,” says Singh.

Day in and day out, the current leadership controlled by Nagpur Brehmins ideologically and bazzari merchants turned into vicious rentier capitalists are badmouthing the foundations laid by Nehru and his team in modernizing India to face the onslaught of Western capitalist rent seekers,” adds Singh.

In the end, Mr. Singh makes some very antisemitic statement. “The western world is controlled by Rockefeller and other Jewish corporate interests in USA and Rothschild and rightest corporate interests in UK. Most other Western countries, are in any case under the sway of Washington and New York,” he said.

Mr. Singh also claims that only a revolution like in Iran can save India from sinking further.


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