Ann Coulter: ‘The F…ing Jews’

The notorious anti-Muslim Fox News commentator Ann Coulter has hit her Jew paymasters where it hurts the most. No it’s not about her anti-immigration rant, which many Jews who support immigration would call antisemitic slur. It’s about her September 16 Tweet message: “How many f…ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?

One minute later, she followed with: “Maybe it’s to suck-up to Evangelicals.”

Morton A. Klein, president Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has demanded that Fox News fire Ann Coulter.

Ann Coulter made appalling, anti-Jewish remarks which evoked the classic, anti-Semitic trope about Jewish manipulation of America for the purpose of supporting Israel at America’s expense,” said the ‘self-denying’ Klein.

Coulter was overwhelmed by the supportive traffic on her tweet account for finally stop licking Zionist AZZ – and telling the truth.

Coulter, who supports Donald Trump, has refused to apologize for her statement. She insists that she always loved and supported Israel – and remarks were meant for GOP presidential candidates who always talk about Israel’s interests and not what Americans want.

On September 17, David French called Coulter Cuckservative; meaning Nazi, racist, White Supremacist, anti-Semite, etc.

I’m sure when someone listen to her rhetoric or read her writings and books – one will agree with me that she is bigot and racist, but not Nazi or antisemite. Her career and sale of her books and literary awards are result of her pandering to Jewish and anti-immigration White racist groups including the so-called “conservative” Republicans. This has raised Coulter to an untouchable position in Zionist-controlled America that she is able to say things in the mass media that most Americans are afraid to say, and that if anyone says those things would certainly get crucified like Helen Thomas.

Coulter in her latest book, Adios, America!, says that Hispanic avoid to enlist in US army and the ones who join are mostly women. On the other hand Hispanic are over represented in US prisons. She also claims that there are more Nigerian in the US than in Nigeria. In other words, Coulter believes that there are 174 million Nigerians in United States with a population of 310 millions! No wonder the Zionist crowd love her.

Coulter in the book also praises Israel 14 places for Zionist regime’s ethnic control and ban on colored immigration. “I admire Israel’s policy and wish we could adopt it,” she wrote.

She showed her ignorance once again by claiming: “Israel is among the nations with the lowest rate of sex trafficking.” YES! Having 280 brothels in Tel Aviv alone in a country with a population of only 7 million is not enough for Ms Coulter.


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