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Moishe Turnbull: Australia’s new Prime Minister


On September 14, 2015, Malcolm ‘Moishe’ Turnbull seized the country’s prime ministership from Tony Abbott, an Israeli poodle, by 54 votes to 44.

In 2013, Malcolm Turnbull claimed that his mother, Coral Magnolia Lansbury, was Jewish. Turnbull is MP from Wentworth, which has the largest Jewish community in Sydney. He is a frequent visitor to central synagogue in Bondi. The rabbi at the synagogue, Levy Wolff gave the new prime minister the title of Moishe Turnbull long time ago. The good rabbi has reminded his congregation that PM Turnbull has attended synagogue “more often than many of its members.”

Robert Goot and Peter Wertheim leaders of Australian Organized Jewry have congratulated Moishe Turnbull on becoming country’s PM. British prime minister David Cameron, who has also boasted his family Jewish roots, was the first world leader to congratulate Turnbull.

It seems, Tony Abbott is dumped by his Jewish backers for his refusal to support same-sex marriage.

Australia’s Jewish history began with the White colonization of Australian continent in 1606. During the next 150 years over 300,000 British and Dutch convicts (murderer and rapist) were brought to Sydney Harbor on hundreds of ships mostly owned by Rothschild family. Sir Moses Montifiore is Australia’s most famous Jew. He was also known as King of Australia.

Australian Jews were the first foreign Jews who built first settlement in British occupied Palestine in late 1920s. Since the creation of the Zionist entity in Palestine in 1948, Muslims in Australia have become the most hated minority – thanks to the powerful Jewish lobby and multi-billionaire media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, who owns more than 70% of Australia’s printed media and TV network.