Bush planned Assad’s removal in 2006

On September 13, 2015, US-born Canadian columnist and author of several books on wars and politics, Eric Margolis, claimed that former US president George Bush who planned and executed 9/11 with the help of Israeli Mossad, planned to remove Bashar al-Assad from power by invading Syria on behest of the Zionist regime.

In 2006, Bush administration, cheered on by Israel, planned to invade Syria and destroy Hizbullah in Lebanon. This was during the period when Bush was boasting to Britain’s Tony Blair, the current chairman of European Jewish organization to fight anti-Semitism, that the US would also go on to invade Pakistan (a thorn in Israeli butts). The invasion of Syria didn’t take place because a few intelligent people in Washington asked who would Washington put in power to run Syria. The only alternative at the time to the Assad regime was underground Muslim Brotherhood. Washington wanted nothing to do with political Muslims so it deferred the invasion,” says Margolis.

I got to question Margolis’ analysis. Syrian Muslim Brotherhood like its parent organization in Egypt never posed any threat to United State with the exception that most of its leader refuse to recognize the Zionist entity. It posed an existential threat to the Ba’athist ruling class which is still considered anti-Islam by the Sunni-dominated Muslim Brotherhood. The relation became worse after 1982 Hama massacre by Syrian army under the orders of military dictator Hafez Assad, killing over 40,000 civilians, mostly Sunni women and children and displaced another 100,000 people.

Bush plan was deferred because Israeli army even after 34-day carpet bombing in Lebanon failed to defeat Hizbullah.

Pakistan being a nuclear power is a tough-cookie to break either by the US or Israel. The US has never attacked a country with modern conventional army. All its wars since WWII happens to be with “third or fourth rated conventional armies (Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, etc.), but still the US came out defeated. Israel that boast to be world’s fourth most powerful army with 240-400 nuclear bombs, never won a single war with its Arab neighbors without active military support from the US, UK, France and Germany. Ironically, it tasted its first defeat in 2006 from 1500 Hizbullah fighters and not from some conventional army.

Margolis then claims that though the ISIL/ISIS were armed and trained by the US, Britain and France in Jordan and Lebanon to topple former pro-US Assad dynasty, which is now supported by Iran – but all these so-called “Islamist” militants were originally created by Saudi Arabia to replace Muslim Brotherhood.

It seems, trying to hide the real Devil behind all this bloodshed – Israel. The ISIL thugs are still being trained and treated medically in Turkey, Israel and Jordan.

Muslim Brotherhood, a d’awa (Islamic propagation) party in 1928 in Egypt. It decided to join country’s politics after the assassination of its founder Imam Hassan al-Banna by Gamal Nasser’s anti-Islam executioners. It’s 100% Sunni (mostly Hanafi) religious group with no armed wing. Contrary to that, Saudi-funded terrorists groups (al-Qaeda, ISIL/ISIS, al-Shabaab, etc.) are Wahhabis, who consider all other 71 Muslim sects being “heretics”.

In the end, Margolis reminds his readers that 3.1 million Muslim and Christian refugees were created in Iraq by American invasions, while two million Muslim refugees were created by Soviet Union during its occupation of Afghanistan.


One response to “Bush planned Assad’s removal in 2006

  1. Many commentators have been fooled into believing that the the first outbreaks of violence in Syria in March 2011 that sparked the “civil war” were a part of the Arab Spring. This is false. Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia – at the behest of Britain and the United States – fomented the violence. People forget that Syria has been on the U.S list of “rogue states” ever since the PNAC back in the late 1990s.

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