Netanyahu: Russia to arm Hizbullah!

In order to divert Jewish intervention in Ukraine, the Jewish media has fabricated a new Iraqi WMD hoax in Syria. Lately it has accused Russia of intervention in Syria by arming Syrian army to fight ISIS and other anti-Assad government militants. However, these arms most probably would be used against Israel.

In June 2015, Netanyahu warned Moscow that Israel has the right to attack Russian equipment used by Syrian army along Israel-Syrian border. Since then the Jewish media has been churning “revelations after revelations”; Russian aircrafts have been spotted carrying arms shipments for Syrian regime and so on. Some idiot at the Jewish Beast, even claimed the Russian soldiers are fighting along with Syrian army and Hizbullah fighters in Syria. If one believe these Zionist lies – the six million dollar question is why Russian did not shot-down a single Israeli jetfighter violating Syrian airspace?

Last week, America’s first Jewish president Barack Obama warned Russian president Vladimir Putin against arming Syrian government.

Two days ago, a “Jew military expert” at CNN claimed that Russia is setting up a “military base” in Syria in support of Syrian regime. Maybe the moron did not know that Russian already have a huge Naval base at Tartus. Moscow has refuted that it’s planning to build an Air Force base on Syrian soil. However, it said that could be done in case Syrian government request that in the future to fight NATO.

On September 16, the Jew York Times reported that Netanyahu is flying to Moscow to convey his “concern” over Russian military personnel in Syria.

Prime minister Netanyahu will present the threats posed to Israel as a result of increase flow of advanced war material to Syrian arena, which could fall in the hands of Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah and others which are hostile to Israel,” JYT said.

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has acknowledged Hizbullah being the only foreign group fighting along Syrian army against western supported ISIS and the rest of other foreign militants. So Netanyahu’s real concern is Hizbullah learning Russian arms technology to boost its defenses against the world’s most moral armed thugs. Hizbullah is the only militia that defeated Israel in 2006.

On Tuesday, Putin said his country will continue to supply the Syrian government with military assistance.

Last week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also stressed that Moscow will push ahead with sending military equipment to the Syrian government as well as the humanitarian assistance Damascus needs for its people.

On Sunday, German interior minister Thomas de Maiziere, with Jewish family roots asked German Chancellor Angela Markel that Germany should do everything possible to remove Bashar al-Assad as it did to remove Libyan Qaddafi in order to resolve Syria’s refugee crisis.

On Wednesday, the Jew York Times claimed that CENTCOM command had been lying about its successes in airstrikes in Syria and Iraq while killing 1,600 civilians so far.

American Jewish writer, author and radio talk-show host, Stephen Lendman wrote (here) on September 16: “Syria’s military is the only one fighting ISIS and other terrorists on its territory. US bombing supports (ISIS and terrorists) them. Claims otherwise are willful lies.”


2 responses to “Netanyahu: Russia to arm Hizbullah!

  1. The correct spelling of the group is HEZBOLLAH you dummies

    • NOPE – Moshie dummy – the correct spelling of the Islamic Resistance is HIZBULLAH just like your occupied land is spelled ISRAHELL.


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