Jeremy Corbyn appoints ‘Minister for Jews’

On September 16, UK’s oldest Zionist propaganda hack, Jewish Chronicle, reported that Israel-hating Labour Party leader has appointed the youngest Jewish MP Luciana Berger in his ‘shadow cabinet’ as his Mental Heath Secretary.

A very good choice, I must say, after reading 1972 study, entitled, Mental Illness: The Jewish Disease by Dr. Arnold A. Hutschnecker, the New York psychiatrist who reportedly treated former US president Robert Nixon, who saved Israeli butts during the so-called Yom Kippur war.

Dr. Hutschnecker claimed that every Jew is born with seeds of schizophrenia and it’s this fact that account for the world-wide hatred of Jews.

According to the Jewish Chronicle, Ms. Berger had “full and frank discussions” with the anti-Israel and pro-Hamas Corbyn before agreeing to join his ‘shadow cabinet’. She also told the JC: “I’m delighted that mental health has been given the recognition it has long needed and is now a Shadow Cabinet responsibility.”

Ms Berger, in the past, served as public health minister under Corbyn’s predecessor Zionist Jew Ed Miliband for five years. It means Milibands too believe in Hutschnecker theory.

The other Jews in Corbyn’s ‘shadow cabinet’ include his opponent Any Burnham, who said that his first act as Labour leader would be a visit to Israel; Hilary Benn, and Israel-Firster with Jews within family; Jon Trickett with Jewish family roots, and Yvette Cooper, the Labour party’s antisemitism Watchdog. Corbyn’s wife Laura Alvarez has a Jewish family name too.

Corbyn ‘shadow cabinet’ has 16 women and 15 men. In addition to Minister for Jews, it has two Minister for Hindus; India-born Seema Malhotra and Lisa Nandy – but no Minister for 2.4 million British Muslims. That should be enough reason for the British paranoid Jews to love Jeremy Cobyn.

Interestingly, Corbyn predecessor, the “self-hating Jew” Ed Miliband had a Pakistan-born Muslim, MP Sadiq Khan, in his ‘shadow cabinet’. Khan is Labour party candidate for 2016 Mayor of London election, against Tory party’s Frank Goldsmith, brother of Pakistani politician Imran Khan’s ex-wife Jemima Goldsmith. She converted to Islam and married Imran Khan, world’s top dashing cricketer.

Results of a recent survey by YouGov has upset the Jewish and Christian extremists. It shows that 66% of Londoners don’t mind having a Muslim Mayor.

So why Corbyn sacares the hell out of British Jewish leaders? Israel-born British author Gilad Atzmon provides an answer.British people are expressing a clear fatigue of corrupted party politics as much as they’re tired of Zionist interventionist wars. They’re begging for a change, they demand equality and prospects of a better future and a leader with ethical integrity. Whether Corbyn can provide these qualities, time will tell. But the British yearning for a radical change has been formally established, “says  Atzmon.


2 responses to “Jeremy Corbyn appoints ‘Minister for Jews’

  1. Alvarez, is not at all a Jewish name, Jewish people took to hide from persecution, it is a very Latin and Spanish name that means the son of Alvaro, like Hernandez, the son of Hernando…. the fact that some Jewish people had it in 1500 `s and beyond doesn’t not mean it is a Jewish name, please get the facts right .

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