Rouhani accepts Hollande’s invitation to visit France

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

On Monday, Israel-First French prime minister Manual Valls (married to a Jewish woman) announced that Iranian president Sheikh Hassan Rouhani has accepted French president Francois Hollande (Jewish) to pay an official visit to Paris in November 2015. The invitation was delivered personally by French foreign minister Laurent Fabius (born into a Jewish family but later converted to Catholicism) during his land mark visit to Tehran in July 2015.

During a speech in French parliament, Valls said the French president Hollande will receive Iranian president Rouhani at Paris airport. This will mark the first visit by an Iranian president to France since Ayatullah Mohammad Khatami visited Paris during the Zionism poodle Jacques Chirac’s presidency in April 2005. Rouhani met Hollande in New York in September 2013 on sideline of UN General Assembly annual conference.

Valls said Iran has significant influence in the Middle East and Hollande will seek Rouhani’s help to end four-year-old bloodshed in Syria.

A French economic and trade delegation is due to visit Tehran next week. France used to be the largest automobile (Peugeot) exporter to Iran before the 1979 Islamic Revolution. It wants to revive that position, which could destroy Iran’s local automobile industry, laying off thousands of young Iranians.

French international oil and gas giant Total, has shown its interest to invest in Iran. “Iran has world’s second largest gas reserves after Russia, and we will consider returning to this country once sanctions are lifted,” said Total CEO Patrick Pouyanne.

Iran’s material isolation has only strengthened independence of its production facilities. Tapping this latent capacity through direct foreign investment is huge. Regardless of the challenges, it appears most manufacturers are nonetheless giddy at the prospect of re-entering in Iran’s ready market. On top of this, due to Iran’s high manufacturing capacity, many companies view assembly/or production in the country as a doorway to enter wider Middle East. And while German and French companies maybe tussling for the moment, they both posses a significant edge over General Motors and Ford, which far the moment remain bound up in a deeper layers of sanctions continuing to bar US companies and banks from Iran trade,” says John Bambridge at Construction Week Online, on September 6, 2015.

Former Iranian president Dr. Ahmadinejad is know for his dislike of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy (Jewish) for his anti-Iran propaganda. In September 2007, Sarkozy accused Ahmadinejad for seeking a nuclear bomb to wipe Israel off the map.


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