Iran is not ready to open Embassy in Washington

Obama: 'No war with Iran for Israel'Since the so-called P5+1 and Iran’s nuclear agreement was agreed upon in July 2015 in Vienna, the American allies are rushing to dip into Iran’s $100 billion annual economy. So far FMs from Germany, France and Australia have visited Tehran. United Kingdom became the first so-called “world power” which re-opened its Embassy in Tehran last month. David Cameron was blasted by UK’s Jewish lobby, the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) for this anti-Israel move.

In August, Iranian foreign minister, Dr. Javad Zarif poured iced-water over Washington’s ambition to follow the lead of its allies to grab lucrative contracts by telling reporters that the time is not ripe as yet to exchange ambassadors between Iran and the US.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei has repeatedly said that Iranians should never be fooled by western leaders and their regional poodles – and put their trust in Almighty Allah to protect nation’s freedom, dignity and the Islamic Revolution.

Several Barack Obama supporters among the Jewish community and Democrats are in favor of opening US Embassy in Iran just like the US reopened its Embassy in Cuba in July 2015. However, most Republican lawmakers demand that the US should not send its ambassador to Iran unless latter recognize Israel as Jewish state – as Netanyahu called-upon Obama during P5+1 and Iran negotiations in Vienna earlier this year.

It would be wise for Rouhani government to think a dozen times before agreeing to allow an American ambassador in Tehran. They should learn lesson from US embassies in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and Jordan, which all work for Israel. Even our Canadian ambassador Kenneth Taylor (1977-80) turned out be a senior CIA operative.

Iran’s lawmakers and religious leaders who have not been fooled by the western propaganda, are very suspicious of Americans re-opening their Den of Espionage in Tehran. However, the 1% Tehran’s Bazzari community is very anxious to see bilateral trade restarted after 35 years.

On July 14, 2015, The Times of Israel whined that while Barack Obama is planning to open US Embassy in two “sworn enemies” – he refuses to do the same in Jerusalem. It’s not that Barack Obama hates Jews, but because Jerusalem is still an “Occupied City” according to United Nations.

Some American Jews believe that Iranians cannot be ‘antisemitic’ as there nearly 30,000 Jews living in Iran – but they surely suffer from Judeophobia. A recent PEW survey showed that young Iranian Jews don’t give a damn to what the Zionist regime says about Iran and the country’s Jewish community. They too believe that Jewish influence over America’s foreign policy is too excessive – and Israel with 240-400 nuclear bombs and full military backing from the US, UK, France and Germany, is no underdog.

Lebanon-based American writer and author, Franklin Lamb, PhD, on the other hand believes that opening of Embassies in Washington and Tehran will help building confidence and trust between two great nations. “This observer submits that both Iranian and American people are ready for reconciliation,” says Lamb. I sincerely hope he is right.


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