Jewish author: ‘Israel makes refugees’

While Jewish lobby groups are campaigning for the western nations to admit millions of refugees fleeing Arab and African countries under attack from United States and its Western, Arab and African allies, they’re quite silent over urging the Zionist regime to change its immigration laws and take some of these African and Syrian refugees.

Israelis Jews, after treating African refugees like filth for over a decade, recently started deporting them to South Sudan and Uganda.

Last month, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused a proposal by an opposition leader to take some of Syrian refugees, saying Israel is too small land to accommodate more refugees. It’s the same racist Jewish leader who have been appealing the rich French and other European Jews to immigrate to Israel in order to escape the so-called “antisemitism” in Europe after Mossad false flags operations in Paris and Copenhagen.

In the past, Israel welcomed Jew refugees from Iran, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Tunisia, and India who brought gold to the newly established colonial entity. The British Daily Mail reported on February 3, 1900 that Lord Mayor of London brought in 600 Jew refugees from European nations at taxpayers’ expenses. “When the relief committee passed by they hide their gold and fawned and whined, and, in broken English, asked money for their train fare” reported the newspaper.

On September 13, 2015, British Jewish journalist and author, Ben White, said what most people knew before, that Israel only makes refugees. It never took non-Jewish refugees without some PR payback.

Ben White says that Syria’s neighboring countries, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and Iraq have accepted over three million Syrian refugees since the foreign insurgency in 20011. But Israel, a parasite state, with a GDP capita almost double of Turkey and five times as much as Jordan has not accepted a single of one. Netanyahu, on the other hand, has mentioned his “Jewish humanitarian nature” for providing medical treatment to al-Qaeda and ISIL fighters in Syria.

Many were recently appalled by Hungarian PM Victor Orban’s well-publicized remarks that the Syrian refugees represent a radical different culture and, purely because they’re mainly Muslims, constitute a threat to European Christianity. Few are aware, however, just how routine such rhetoric are in Israel, among cabinet ministers, lawmakers, academics, rabbis and commentators,” Ben white said.

One can understand the hatred of Hungarian Christians against Muslims who ruled the country for nearly 150 year – but why the Jews would hate Muslims who gave them vast opportunities in Spain, Sicily, Greece, Turkey, Albania and Serbia that Jews couldn’t dream in Christian Europe.

In reality, Victor Orban’s anti-Muslim rant was to please his Jewish masters. Gabor Vona, leader of Hungary’s main opposition party, Jobbik, toured Turkey in 2013, calling for Christian-Muslim unit against Zionist fascism.


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