J. Goldberg: Holocaust for Dumies

On September 14, 2015, The Jewish Daily Forward, published an article by its editor Jonathan Jeremy Goldberg, entitled, What shouldn’t we compare to Holocaust? A Refugee Crisis, for Starters.

What made me laugh was how the dude used his Jewish Power (the title of his book) or rather stupidity to pen the article. First he began his article by attacking the possible US-Iran nuclear deal instead of the “Refugee Crisis”. He calls the July 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) between the so-called P5+1 and Iran FLAWED, but said the alternative would be a new Jewish Holocaust.

I always take this Holocaust stuff with a grain of salt, as there are too many of them to remember. The Jewish Holocaust industry began with the Roman Empire, which killed four billion Jews followed by 6 million during WWI and another 6 million during WWII.

Consider the Iran nuclear debate. One side argues that the agreement, flawed as it might be, is the best available alternative, that what’s needed now US-Israel cooperation to devise the strictest possible implementations (remember Iraqi WMDs hoax in 2003). the other side says that the agreement must be defeated because it is flawed. The first side says, well, yes, we just said it’s flawed, but regarding what to do next, let’s stipulate that reasonable people can disagree. The other side says, actually, no, they can’t – the reasonable people can only agree with me; those who don’t are paving the way for a new Holocaust. End of discussion,” Goldberg said.

Did you notice, Goldberg’s both “sides” seem to be pro-Israel Jews and the real reasonable people (Iran, Russia and China) are not in his script.

Finally touching the “heading” of his post – that’s “refugee crisis” – he compares western countries’ refusal to accept refugees created by western countries and their Arab and African stooges in the first place, with the Zionist myth of Jews fleeing Hitler in 1939. Historically, less than 4 million Jews lived in Germany and other Nazi occupied European countries between 1939-44. If the Jews really did manage to flee from Europe in large numbers to save themselves from the Jew-hating Nazis and their 150,000 German Jew collaborators – where the hell Nazis found more Jews to kill six millions of them.

Let’s be clear: what is happening in Europe is a humanitarian crisis of the first order. But it’s not a genocide. It should need to be said that the Holocaust was the determined effort by one world’s leading industrialized power to murders all the world Jews in the course of a nearly successful effort to conquer the globe. Those Jews were not fleeing a civil war or seeking a better life,” Goldberg said.

If my memory serves me right, Hitler never attacked United States, which had the largest Jewish population outside Europe during WWII. According to Encyclopedia Judaica, nearly 51% of world Jewish population lived in North-South Americana.

With the exception of Israeli trolls, every political aware person knows that what’s going on in Syria since 2011 is not a civil war but a foreign intervention to bring anti-Iran regime change in Syria.


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