Pity: US has no Jeremy Corbyn to stand for Palestinians

I tend to agree with most of what Chris Hedges said about British Labour party’s newly elected leader Jeremy Corbyn. In his latest column at the Truthdig news site, Chris Hedges cried out: Where is our Jeremy Corbyn?.

Chris Hedges lament that all the 2016 presidential hopefuls (Republicans: 16 and Democrats:6) are bending backward to prove that each of them is more dedicated to Israeli and Jewish interests than his opponents.

I will not support a politician who sells out the Palestinians and panders to the Israel lobby any more than I will support a politician who refuses to confront the bloated military and arms industry or white supremacy and racial injustice. The Palestinian issue is not a tangential issue. It is an integral part of Americans’ efforts to dismantle our war machine, the neoliberal policies that see austerity and violence as the primary language for speaking to the rest of the world, and the corroding influence of money in the U.S. political system. Stand up to the masters of war and the Israel lobby and you will probably stand up to every other corporate and neoliberal force that is cannibalizing the United States. This is what leadership is about. It is about having a vision. And it is about fighting for that vision,” Hedges said.

Corbyn, who supports negotiations with Hamas and Hezbollah and once invited members from those organizations to visit Parliament, has called for Israel’s leaders to be put on trial for war crimes against the Palestinians. He has expressed support for the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement (BDS) against Israel and the call for an arms embargo against that nation. He would scrap Britain’s Prevention of Terrorism Act, which, like the Patriot Act in the United States, has been used to target and harass Muslims,” adds Hedges.

For his above “empathy for Palestinians and Muslims” made Corbyn an enemy of Israel and Jews. I wonder what the Jewish lobby groups in the UK, US, France, Germany, Australia and the rest of the western world make of American Jewish teacher and author David Harris-Gershan who says: My Empathy for Palestinians makes me Jewish.

It is precisely this Jewish empathy which informs my political activism. It informs my opposition to Israel’s military occupation and oppression of Palestinians (of PA territories not Israel itself, of course). It informs my championing of Black Lives Matter. It informs the pains I feel for Syrian refugees, for African asylum seekers, for the weak and trodden upon,” Harris-Gershan said.


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