Petraeus: US join Al-Qaeda to defeat ISIS

Gen. David H. Petreus, American four-star General who became darling of the Jewish-press while leading US occupation forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, reportedly campaigning for the creation of an alliance with America’s elder bastard child Al-Qaeda to defeat ISIS, its younger bastard child in Syria. This latest story to whitewash Israel’s complicity in Syrian, Iraqi and Lebanese bloodshed is cooked up by online Jewish propaganda outlet, The Daily Beast. The news item was reported by every anti-Muslim media including RT without bothering to find out who were the bastards behind the story.

After retiring from army, Gen. Petraeus, Zionism’s military poodle, was appointed head of CIA by Barack Obama. But was soon sacked for sharing classified information with his biographer Paula Broadwell while sleeping with her. He was sentenced to three-year probation and pay $100,000 fine. Since 2013, Petraeus is working for US-based investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR), worth $96 billion, which was founded by Jewish oligarchs Henry R. Kravis and his cousin George Roberts in 1976 (here).

Al-Qaeda, one of West’s political tool to create a toothless New Middle East against the Jewish colonial entity in the region, came on world-stage after the US-Israeli 9/11 terrorist attacks to provide an excuse for waging a phony War on Terror on Muslim nation-states.

Max Boot, senior fellow at powerful Jewish advocacy group, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and former adviser to US commanders in Iraq and Afghanistan, in an article, entitled Defeating ISIS, urged Obama administration to put “US Boots” on ground in Syria – as Bush did in Afghanistan and Iraq in the past to defeat Al-Qaeda. The warmongering Jew ignored the fact that after wasting over $3 trillion taxpayers’ money and losing over 7,000 American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq – both countries have become more anti-US and more pro-Iran.

In July 2015, British Home secretary Theresa May, whom British Jewish columnist Toby Young called Israeli tank commander (Spectator, June 14, 2014) also favored sending ground forces to Syria – but with parliament approval which her Tory party controls.

The Wikileaks Files reported recently that Washington began its regime change in Syria plan in 2006 based on the recommendations of its Jewish diplomatic official in Damascus, William V. Roebuck (currently ambassador to Bahrain. He taught English language in Saudi Arabia, and served in Tel Aviv, Cairo, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, etc.): “Use a number of different factors to create a paranoia within the Syrian government, to push it to overact, to make it fear there is a coup against it by Islamist groups,” Roebuck said in cable to US State Department.

In February 2014, Roebuck and his American colleagues walked out of a Tunisian celebration of country’s new Constitution after Iranian Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani accused United States for supporting (pro-Israel) dictatorships in the region.


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