Jimmy Carter gets cancer for hating Israel!

JimmyCarter[1]Two months ago, former US president Jimmy Carter, 90, revealed that he has terminal cancer. The news brought joy to many Jewish and Evangelic Christian groups, who have called it a divine punishment for anyone who hates Israel and Jews. Israel’s historian, late Dr. Israel Shahak called it “Jewish vengeance”.

Since the creation of the Zionist entity in 1948 by the “Victors of WWII”, the Organized Jewry has hated three US presidents the most; Robert Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama – even though all three of them are on record for saving Israel during their presidencies.

President Nixon ordered delivery of 22,300 ton of military equipment to Israel during the Yom Kippur war, which helped Jewish army to reverse its setback in Egyptian Sinai and Syria.

President Jimmy Carter set the stage for the humiliation of Arab world’s most powerful country, Egypt, which resulted in the signing of the so-called “Camp David Peace Accord”, between Israeli terrorist prime minister Begin and Egyptian president Anwar Sadat in 1978. It closed the doors on Palestinian resistance groups to the outside world; Israel began receiving annual $3 billion military aid while Egypt was awarded an annual military aid worth $1.3 billion.

Camp David came out of the ’67 and ’73 wars and also the sudden emergence of Israel lobby. Friends of Israel in the US demanded that US guarantee Israel’s security; and the peace treaty and the military largesse flowed from that,” wrote Philip Weiss, founder of Mondowiess website, on August 21, 2013.

Despite anti-Iran rants, many American Jewish leaders believe that Barack Obama has succeeded in saving Israel from the “existential threat posed by a nuclear Iran” by capping off Iran’s nuclear program.

However, all three presidents fell from grace of the ungrateful Organized Jewry for agreeing with some of public knowledge about Israel.

  1. In a 1973 taped conversation, president Nixon agreed with pro-Israel famous evangelic preacher Billy Graham that Jews have too much power in United States.
  2. Jimmy Carter, after his exit from the White House built-up the courage to say what he thought of Israel for a long time – an apartheid state, even worse than South Africa under European colonialists. South African Archbishop Tutu made that comparison in 2002, long before the publication of Jimmy Carter’s 2007 book, Palestine Peace Not Apartheid. In 2009, British Jewish journalist and author Ben White also published book, Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner’s Guide.
  3. Barack Obama, who has been called the first US Jewish President, has earned the wrath of Jewish groups for refusing to do to Iran what he did to Libya. Obama administration believes that a war with Iran would force Iranians to build nuclear bomb in secret as Israel and North Korea did in the past. Obama’s advisers believe that best way to neutralize a possible Iranian nuclear threat to Israel, as repeatedly claimed by Netanyahu, would be to bring Iran back to Western Club dominated by Zionists and destroy country’s Islamic revolutionary spirit from within.

Jimmy Cater in an interview claimed that he was consulted on national affairs by Ronald Regan, Bushes and Bill Clinton, but Obama never talked to him as result of his fear of Israel lobby.


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