Israeli poodles: Bomb Syria to solve refugee problem

unhcr_photo_of_syran_refugees[1]Zionist entity’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to take refugees from Syria because they’re not Jewish. On September 9, an Op-Ed at Israeli newspaper YNet warned the European nations that accepting Muslim refugees would bring an end to centuries-old European culture and traditions. That could be true, as those European nations expelled Jewish people 108 times in the past.

Following Netanyahu’s lead, three of Israeli stooges, British prime minister David Cameron, Australian prime minister Tony Abbott, and Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper have all suggested that in order to stop migration to Europe, the US and its allies must bomb Syria to defeat ISIS, which according to secret Pentagon report was created to topple Bashar al-Assad regime.

Jewish groups, however, in the West, as part of their Jewish values, are urging people to open their doors for refugees (!!). It’s not their compassion for the Muslims or Christian refugees, but their evil agenda to use them as antisemism and Holocaust denier whip to beat the Westerners.

Last week, Russian president Vladimir Putin said that Syrian refugees are running away from ISIS, not from Syrian army.

Western brutal war for an anti-Iran regime change in Damascus has made 4 million Syrians refugees since 2011.

German Chancellor Angela Markel, also an Israeli poodle, is being praised for accepting 800,000 migrants. But the truth is, only 200,000 among them are refugees from Syria, Kosova and Africa, while the rest are migrants from EU member states seeking better economic future in Germany.

Tunisia-born Canadian academic, author and human rights activist, Monia Mazigh rightfully says: “So to all the voices who are opposing the coming of refuges: labeling them terrorist threats, considering them job-stealers, or welfare addicts – think about what you’re saying. Remember what happened in the history of humanity. The refugees’ despair and their sufferings will undoubtedly bring new challenges to the lands that welcome them but it will also likely bring enrichment and wealth. And who knows, maybe one day bring a reversal of pendulum, and real justice in the Middle East.”



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