Why Iran refuses to cooperate with US against ISIS?

Jewish_State[2]Like millions of other politically aware people, I too, know the answer. Because, only fools would believe that United States really wants to kill its bastard child, ISIS/ISIL aka “Islamic State (IS)” it gave birth to protect Israel’s regional interests. Read more here.

However, Gareth Porter, the American investigative journalist, expert on Middle East affairs and author of recent book, Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of Iran’s Nuclear Scare, says he doesn’t understand why Iran is not cooperating with the US against their common enemy, “IS”.

By the logic of geopolitics, the United states and Iran ought to be cooperating to contain and weaken the Islamic State (IS). Both countries have declared that the group is a very serious threat to their own security and to the security of the entire Middle East,” claims Gareth Porter.

It seems Porter is afraid to read some objective source on the bloodshed going on in the region. The IS has confessed that it has nothing against Israel or United States, because Allah has ordered us not to fight Israel or the Jews. It also vowed to defeat Hamas in Gaza for firing rockets and killing Jews.

It seems IS’s real problem is with Shi’ites in Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain and Iraq, who are the only Muslims confronting the Zionist entity and Western stooges ruling Arab nation-states.

It isn’t the Iranian side of the equation that is failing to follow the geopolitical logic. Contrary to the constantly reiterated propaganda theme of the anti-Iran forces in the region and in the United States that Iran’s ruling elite simply wants “death to America,” Iran has publicly signalled to the Obama administration repeatedly that it was open to such cooperation. But the Obama administration has refused to reciprocate, for the simple reason that it is not capable of formulating a regional policy on the basis of an objective analysis of strategic interests,” says Porter.

That’s another Zionist BS. Iran never agreed to join the ‘US alliance of absurd,’ against IS. Iranian foreign minister Dr. Javad rejected John Kerry’s such proposal in Geneva early last year. In September 2014, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei refused to help the US against IS because he believed that the US is not fighting against ISIS/ISIL, but against Syrians and Iraqis who are resisting US-Israel-Saudi agenda in the region.

Iranian officials know that they must take advantage of any possible opening to improve relations with the United States. Iranian officials have made it clear that they are prepared to take advantage of any possibility – even if slight – of reaching an historic agreement with the United States that could lead to strategic understanding on the threat from Daesh,” adds Porter.

Another anti-Iran Zionist crap. On September 10, 2015, Ayatullah Khamenei said that he authorized Iranian government to hold talks only on nuclear issue and nothing else. He elaborated that even after America’s signing nuclear agreement and lifting sanctions against Iranian nations, the relations between Iran and US would not normalize, because Iranian nation can’t trust American leaders.

Khamenei noted that United states doesn’t conceal its animosity toward Iran, adding; “one US official smiles, while another draws up a bill against Iran.”

And finally, a little info on Jewish anti-war leftist journalist Gareth Porter. In September 2014, he was a speaker at Tehran’s Horizon Conference, which was also attended by American writer, blogger and author, Mark Glenn who was declared “Jew hater” by the Organized Jewry for publishing 2005 book, No Beauty in the Beast: Israel Without her Mascara. Last year, UK’s Bishop Stephen Sizer was condemned by country’s Jewish Lobby for referring Mark Glenn’s blog, The Ugly Truth in one of his blog posts.

Israel-born British writer, author and ‘self-hating Jew’, Gilad Atzmon, interviewed Gareth Porter to clarify his position over calling the Tehran Horizon Conference: “A gathering of Jews and Israel haters.” On October 21, 2014, Gilad Atzmon proved Porter to be a Zionist mole among the Leftists.


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