Jewish Journalist’s ‘propaganda’ visit to Iran

Iran-Flag-128[1]American Jewish journalist and associate editor of America’s oldest Zionist newspaper, The Jewish Daily Forward, Larry Cohler-Esses, visited the Islamic Republic last month at the invitation of Iranian Majlis (parliament) Jewish member Siamak Moreh Sedgh, who accompanied president Sheikh Hassan Rouhani to New York in September 2013.

Cohler-Esses, taught English language in Iran for several years during which he developed friendship with several pro-Israel high-ranking Iranian officials and leaders of Iran’s Jewish community. After the 1979 Islamic Revolution, he left the country as did most rich and Jewish helpers of the brutal pro-US-Israel monarchy.

On August 15, 2015, Cohler-Esses published his reflections of Iran under Islamic regime, which carries some truths but mostly info to discredit the Islamic Revolution. In order to project himself as an unbiased Jew, Cohler-Esses, equates Iranian people with the Jewish people occupying Palestine, by saying that both hate their governments.

I don’t know how this idiot can compare Iranians with Israeli Jews, 80% of whom along with the entire World Organized Jewry want America to attack Iran on Israel behalf and reduce it to another Libya. Contrary to that, Ayatullah Khamenei, who is considered leader of Muslim Ummah, not only by Shi’ites in Iran and abroad – but millions of Sunnis around the world, has never threatened Israel with military attack.

Cohler-Esses claims that it took him two years to get an Iranian visa, and he is the first Jewish journalist to visit Iran. Both claims are BS. Every year, hundreds of Jews around the world get visas to visit Jewish religious sites in Iran. Several Jewish journalists, authors and even rabbis are on record of visiting Iran under Islamic Revolution, but most of those were declared ‘antisemites’ by the Organized Jewry. For example Adam Horowitz, co-editor of Jewish on-line website Mondowiess visited Iran and was impressed with Iranian government’s treatment of 30,000-strong Jewish community.

London-born American Roger Cohen, the Jew York Times columnist had this to say about his 2009 visit to Iran under ‘Mullahas”. “The hospitality I received in Iran as an American Jew, was a sign that the country is misunderstood.” He also claimed that Jewish community like other non-Muslim communities’ rights to practice religion and representation in civic fields are guaranteed in country’s Islamic Constitution.

In April 2008, American female Zionist turned ‘radical’ rabbi, Lynn Gottlieb, took a Jewish interfaith delegation to Iran.

“Jewish history overflows with tales of sorrow. Are we to endure yet another loss, but this time perpetrated by our own foolish hands? Those who think that bombing Iran serves a defensive purpose should reconsider and remember a forgotten people, the 35,000 Jews of Iran. What will happen to them?,” says Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb (here).

Cohler-Esses claims in his memoirs that Iranian people don’t hate state of Israel, but hate its government’s policies. The Zionist idiot could have found that truth without visiting Iran – by reading some objective source on statements issued by Iranian leaders and analysts. Tehran’s policy since 1979 Islamic Revolution, which was blessed by country’s Jewish leaders, who were the first to greet Imam Khomeini at Tehran airport on his arrival from Paris in 1979 – Iran would recognize Israel only when Palestinians recognize it.

Right after completing his one week tour of Iran, Cohler-Esses, went to Israel to meet family living there. He also met several Israeli government and press official to compare notes on his ‘antisemite’ journey to Israel’s No.1 enemy country.


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